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Interview: Anurag Basu’s contribution in the film is way bigger than mine; says Ranbir Kapoor.

With the much awaited film finally releasing, Ranbir Kapoor aka Jagga spoke with the media recently about his upcoming movie and his journey in Bollywood. Excerpts:


How tiring was this film as an actor?

Its tiring when you try and finish a film in three in a half months, what was tiring here was the mental patience, I have worked with Basu before so I know his working style, Barfi took 2 years in the making, but of course this one took exceptionally long. We weren’t prepared to for such a long span. We got frustrated, we tried shutting the film down, there was a time we lost interest but what kept us going is Anurag’s determination and his passion to complete what we have started.

We have heard that Anurag would give you scripts on set..

He is that kind of Filmmaker and actors are insecure, they should know what their graph is and what is happening. Since I have worked with him I knew how this is going to be and even Saurabh Ji knew, but Katrina was new to all this. And the movie is not really about a character graph but about a journey so it didn’t really matter on a personal level as well.

Are you nervous with the genre of the film?

I am excited. We have had so many movies with a same genre, for example beauty and the beast or Jungle Book. Apart from being musical it is also emotional, it has family values, it is entertaining, almost like a moving cartoon. That’s how he has made the film, to appeal the children and to have a universal appeal. Of course the risk is high because nobody has tried doing that, we might fall flat on our faces but I am happy to be a part of this new thing as a producer and as an actor.


How did you get an idea of producing this film?

Anurag Basu is a very big name, and his contribution in this film is way more than mine, and thus it’s a 50-50 partnership. I want to work on my own banner but not through a movie where my contribution is little when compared with the director.

Since you are such a talented actor, do you feel it is difficult for you to get the right kind of role fitting in your shoes?

I don’t believe in the thought that because I am a talented actor so I must get good scripts, I feel really lucky that people have believed in me, directors have come to me with their scripts and media stood by me. I have fallen flat on my face when I did a movie like Besharam and that’s okay, it made me realize that I connect more with the under-skilled Hero and not the larger than life ones.

With the whole debate of Nepotism going on in the industry and you coming from the Kapoor family, how do you look at it?

Of course it exists. I am a product of Nepotism, I am here because of my parents, my father got opportunity because of his father, and he got this opportunity because of his father’s father. Even if my children would want to become a part of their industry, I would like to give them a platform for the same. Of course it is unfair to people who might be more talented than us but that is it. it’s a big example but if Lionel Messi’s son wants to play football people will be excited to see if he has the skill of his father, that is what happens everywhere, people are curious to know if their kids are as skilled as their parents.


Does your father get involved in the films that you do, do you guys talk about your work and discuss things?

Not at all, he takes care of the financial aspects because that’s something I don’t understand. He always pulls me up that I do risky films, he wants me to do mainstream Bollywood masala films because that’s the way he has been a part of the industry. My mother is more open to this aspect, I give her my scripts and she always has creative things to say about them, she would always give me an honest opinion buut they never influenced me to do a film or no.

How do you look at your failures?

I did feel bad when my films didn’t work but they are a part of my journey and those failures happened because I chose them. I feel really lucky and blessed that despite these failures directors like Anurag Basu, Karan Johar, Imtiaz Ali, Raju Hirani believed in me. What is important is to survive and after 10 years, I feel good that I survived and I want to continue doing that. For years I have been called as ‘the next superstar’ but I haven’t really reached that point, I have this immense respect for the Khans and Akshay Kumar and Ajay Devgn who constantly recreate themselves and win their fans all over again.

What were the challenges you faced while playing this character?

I had done a film Ajab Prem Ki Gajab Kahani where my character would stammer and now when I see I really cringe at it, because it wasn’t so good. Dada makes it easy for you for characterization, it was not hard, but I really work at it and because the film took too long the character came very easily to me.


Your father is so active on social media why are you so scared of it, also, do you read his tweets?

I do whenever there is a controversy. My father is a very honest person; he says it how it is. He does not fear judgment and he feels he is a citizen of the country and he can voice his opinions, that’s how he is and I admire that but I can never be like that. We all are in the layers fearing things but he doesn’t. He gets into a lot of trouble due to this but that is how it is.

Transcribed By – Paridhi Tripathi

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