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INTERVIEW : ARHAAN KHAN- “Bigg Boss House gave a new shape to Rashmi and my Relationship.” Read Full Interview here…

Bigg Boss 13 is buzzing hot all around with controversies, fights inside the house and outside as well. As we enter in the new week there is new eviction too. After getting back in house for the 2nd time Arhaan Khan has been evicted for the 2nd time this week. In recent interaction with the media he spoke out on his Bigg Boss journey. Read it here…

Q. How was your journey in Big Boss 13?
Arhaan : It was quite interesting, with some ups and downs and a lot of fun. I really enjoyed it.

Q. Did you think you will get evicted this week?
Arhaan : No I never thought I will get evicted. Because my game was on fleek, my strategy was right and I also participated in all the tasks with utmost sincerity. And I think wherever I should have taken a stand, I did, as you might have seen. So I don’t understand why do I always get evicted.

Q. What would you like to say about your and Rashmi’s relationship?
Arhaan : Rashmi and I share a very beautiful relationship which started off with our friendship and this house gave it a new shape.

Q. Rashmi has said that she choose this season so you would get a career boost, But somewhere down the line she has overshadowed you. What would you say about that?
Arhaan : I don’t know about overshadowing but if she has said that it’s a good thing that she has thought so much about me. I am so happy that she thinks so much about me and my career. And the way she has supported me, took my stand and played this game for a matter of fact, I feel proud of her. I don’t think she overshadowed me in any way. And we have played this game very well together.

Q. At such a big show the story of your past about your marriage and you having kids has been told, what do you think about that?
Arhaan : Every person has their personal life and their past. Now the thing that was told was a misunderstanding which was cleared by Salman bhai. If you would have seen we all were fine an hour after the whole misunderstanding happened.

Q. Every celebrity that came in the house asked to stay away from you, why did everyone want to stay away from you?
Arhaan : I won’t say they are wrong because neither do they don’t know me personally nor do I know them at a personal life. So whatever they saw or heard along with a troll that was happening on the internet, they made an opinion based on that. I am sure that once they meet me in person and spend time with me, the same people will start liking me.

Q. Do you think it was unfair with you as there’s no one whose past life has been discussed the way yours was?
Arhaan : From the last 13 season of big boss I have not seen anybody’s past been discussed. But what’s done is done and its all past now. And whatever happened was sorted in a very nice way. And everything was clear which made our relationship even stronger.

Q. Under Sana’s captaincy nobody did any household chores and Salman sir had to do it himself. What would you say about that?
Arhaan : According to me I think everyone has worked under Sana’s captaincy. Seeing as most of the players in the house are injured, they have worked accordingly. What happened was Sana’s expectation went high as everyone should do everything. This was not possible at the time, players who are injured would not be working. And then there are players who just don’t work whether it be Aseem’s or Sana’s captaincy.

Q. Why did you have mentioned Rashmi going bankrupt on such a big show?
Arhaan : I think that thing has been stretched a lot. When it comes to Rashmi forget about saying bad I can’t even think bad about her. But sometimes what happens is even if you don’t want it some unnecessary things come out of your mouth. That was not really my intention to hurt her, in fact, I wanted to show the best of her. What I meant was she is such an independent girl who has faced such big problems in life still she never stops. I also apologized to her as well and it was solved then and there.

Q. What do you think how effected Rashmi is after your eviction?
Arhaan : Of course she will be sad. Because where there is love there is some expectation and support and all of sudden if all of these things are removed from one’s life any person will be sad.

Q. When you had a fight with Sidharth he ripped your shirt and you were in that shirt all weekend and still Salman did not say anything about it? Do you think the show or Salman sir is biased?
Arhaan : No, Salman bhai is not at all biased and I don’t want to say about the other thing. The day my shirt was ripped you all might’ve seen what was the reason behind that. I was actually saving someone and had to join the fight. If I wanted to, I could have just hit his face and rip his shirt off. Because it was “weekend ka war” going on and I wanted the whole matter to be solved in front of everyone and as Salman bhai came right after the fight I didn’t even get the time to change. If I wouldn’t have joined the fight Sidharth would have hit Rashmi and that was not what I wanted.

Q. Why didn’t you raise a voice to Salman sir about the whole commotion?
Arhaan : The matter that has been discussed was even more important that my shirt been ripped. And it was important for everyone to know so further, no one will behave in such a manner on the show.

Q: Were you satisfied with what Salman sir had said?
Arhaan: Of course yes. Salman Bhai had said a lot of things in very few words.

Q. The season has clearly became Aseem vs Sidharth. And as Rashmi said there are things not been showed and they are purposely showing Sidharth as a hero?
Arhaan : After coming out of the house I heard everyone has been saying the show is biased and even the contestants inside the house say it so there must be a reason to it. If you see in this season specifically bad words and fights are all allowed. But I think If I was the one doing any of this thing I would have been out of the show long back.

Q. Where is Rashmi and your relation heading to now?
Arhaan : Rashmi and my relation has became even stronger after being in the house. And our relation will go on beautifully long way as we both are understanding people and we understand each other very well.

Q. When you were evicted last time it left a bad impact on Rashmi what do you think will happen now?
Arhaan : This time before I came I made her understand that she has to play her game and she has to be strong. Now I am sure she will focus on the game and only a few weeks are there for the journey to end. And I would only want her to give the best and focus only on the game.

Q. Do you feel this show will boost your career and What kind of feedback are you getting?
Arhaan : Of course it will. More than I have worked in the TV industry, I have worked in the south. And because of that, I think people don’t know me much. But after Bigg Boss a lot of people will know me and it definitely will boost my career.

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By :- Carol D’Souza.

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