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INTERVIEW: BAAGHI 3: TIGER SHROFF, SHRADDHA KAPOOR AND RITEISH DESHMUKH: If there is no emotion or aim then that action just becomes the show reel or the decoration

Baaghi 3 presents Tiger Shroff, Shraddha Kapoor and Riteish Deshmukh. The movie is a third sequel, directed by Ahmed Khan and produced by Nadiadwala Grandson Entertainment and Fox Star Studios. The film will hit the theatres on 6th March.

Q. This sequel talks more about family so is it termed as a spiritual sequel?

Tiger: It is a nice way of looking at it.

Q. Baaghi 3 was announced just before the release of Baaghi 2 so is this the same script or few changes were made in it?

Tiger: We had no idea about the script of Baaghi 3 when it was released on Baaghi 2’s trailer launch. We were just so excited with Baaghi 2’s product.

Q. Is that why Heropanti 2 was announced?

Tiger: Yes, it was good luck for us when it came to Baaghi 2 so we are hoping it would be the same for Baaghi 3.

Q. Shraddha you are entering a new decade with this movie, how are you feeling about it?

Shraddha: I can’t believe it. Time has flown; it has already been 10 years.

Q. Do you wish you were a part of Baaghi 2?

Shraddha: Let’s just say that I am happy to be a part of Baaghi 3 and play this character which I have not done before. The personality trait that she has really fun and very energetic. She has a way of communicating and I had a blast playing her. It was very different from Chhichhore, this had different rhythm and was pacey. I was very happy with the change. I would practice the dialogues with Ahmed sir and our writer. They would explain how they want the cuss words.

Q. Tiger, how was it working with Shraddha?

Tiger: I was happy, both of us share a good equation together. We laugh on the stupidest things. We are alike and our energy mix together perfectly. So whenever we are working, it doesn’t feel like work, it is fun to be around her.

Shraddha: Their sense of humour is too good.

Q. When was the first time you and Shraddha met?

Tiger: We were very small and our families were close. We used to be in the same parties. Also had mutual friends. We were in the same school where she choreographed me in a dance. I guess you can say that she was my first ever choreographer.

Q. Did you enjoy the remix of Dus Bahane 2.0?

Tiger: Verymuch. It is an honour to dance on that iconic track. Where we were shooting, there the temperature was -7 degree Celsius, it was very cold but we kept each other warm.

Q. Riteish, you are new to the franchise, was it difficult to fit in?

Riteish: When you ask me what is new in the film, my answer would be me, I am the new element here.

Q. Your character in this film is very unusual after Marjaavaan, what made you sign this movie?

Riteish: When the film was narrated to me, I saw that I will get to play the bond of brotherhood on screen which I share with my real life three brothers. Although the situation and the dynamics of the relationships are different, the love towards your brother is the same. It happens a lot of times that when someone gets beaten up, people ask them 10 questions but there are very few people who will not ask you anything and just go and fight the opposition and take a stand for you. This feeling is very rare and that is there for my character.

Q. How did you manage to be shirtless in the cold temperature of London?

Tiger: While doing action, I didn’t feel it as much because my body was warm and I was being very physical. But it was torturous between the shots. Especially in the temperature, your muscles get stiffs so it is difficult to warm up again.

Q. You have been connected to Bappi Lahiri, how was it recreating his song?

Shraddha: We got to interact with him.He is such a legend. We heard him live. Very few people get that opportunity and to be in that song also is a tribute to the original.

Riteish: Being a fan of 80s songs, this was such an iconic song. Just to have that song recreated for this film is very special.

Q. Do you agree with the line that there can’t be any mindless action in the film?

Tiger: If there is no emotion or aim then that action just becomes the show reel or the decoration. Once the action has a reason then the action multiplies and the audiences are with you.

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Q.  Tiger, how was your birthday celebrated in your childhood?

Tiger: We used to have a small get-together with building friends. Shraddha was there too. Just normal birthday, games and food.

Q. Your father once said that you will mostly become a sportsman rather than an actor. So how did this turn around come?

Tiger: After I met Sajid Nadiadwala. He saw something in me and convinced me. So I thought why not apply that sports discipline and physicality that I have in one of my roles and my work as an actor. I got lucky after that.

Q. How is action different in this movie?

Tiger: We have scaled up. It is man vs. man, man vs. machine and man vs. nature. Fighting helicopters and tanks, all the action is live. We have used very less VFX. All the credit to Ahmed sir and Sajid sir.

Q. What is the preparation stage for Shivaji trilogy?

Riteish: It is too early to talk about it but I have been waiting to make this since a long time. We are very excited that we are collaborating with the Nagraj films, one of the finest directors in the country. Tanhaj’’s or any film’s success adds to the film because it gives a boost to historic films. We are working hard.

Q. Tiger, you collaborated in the action sequences. How was it?

Tiger: I am very lucky that my director was open to my ideas so he used to always ask me for my inputs. I used to happily give it to him without overstepping and it happened because of my capabilities till where my body can go. Like, we haven’t seen tank action before, we were figuring out the choreography for the action. It was all choreographed on sets and improvised. Because we had only few days with the tanks according to the government’s permission. Then I suggested that I could probably do a split from underneath the tank. I got lucky in few takes, got hurt in others.

Q. Which movies do you look up to for action genre?

Tiger: I can’t say one, I draw inspiration from super heroes. I think what would appeal the child. I don’t like showing a lot of blood. Inspiration from Spiderman.

Q. Last action films of yours are hits, what numbers are you expecting?

Tiger: My maths is very bad.

Q. Tiger, how was it woring with Riteish?

Tiger: I was a little ancy initially because he is a huge star and an amazing actor. I didn’t wanted to let him down and give him right cues. The day I met him, we got to speaking and he was so cool and down to earth. He was very easy to jell with. We did a few workshops and then it was just flying. We used to come on sets and do some magic. The chemistry that we shared on and off screen is a blessing, it organically happened.

Q. Riteish you are doing Tik Tok with your wife, are you enjoying it?

Riteish: I think it is fun. I love that medium. I am enjoying it.

Q. Why do you think Bollywood film critics don’t look up to Hindi action movies as they look up to Hollywood ones?

Tiger: I don’t know. For me what matters is the public review. Box office is an important factor too but action speaks louder than words.

Q. Tiger, any other genre than action, you would like to try?

Tiger: I would love to do a musical. I really like holistic packaged performances with singing, dancing.

Q. What kind of reaction did you get for SOTY 2? The film had received mixed reviews.

Tiger: I got feedbacks from fans saying how come you are getting beaten up in a school but where else you are fitting with machines. So it was a fault on my part to not do it convincingly.

Q. Do you want to do action movies, Riteish?

Riteish: I have done in Marathi language. For me, those are the skillsets. Both languages are same for me. When it comes to action, I had the opportunity to do that but when it comes to skills of Baaghi 3 then no. Baaghi 3 in itself is a biggest action films we have witnessed in recent times. Tiger does certain things so well and convincingly. There are people who do just action but he does it like poetry in motion.  That is beautiful to see.

Q. People found few dialogues of the film in the trailer very insensitive, any comments on that?

Tiger: At the end of the day, it is just a film. The intent was just to show that the characters are so much love with each other and the character loves his brother so much and will go to any extend for him. So it was just an outburst to express his emotions.

Riteish: If you love your brother or any family member and a certain country is responsible for it then you will say it.

Q. Does it worry you that you will be stuck in the action genre only?

Tiger: Right now, I am blessed to be doing what I am doing. There is so much talent and competition in the industry. It very difficult to create an identity for oneself and so whatever little I am today is because of the action genre.

Q. Will you ever do a biopic?

Tiger: It depends.

Q. Shraddha you have done a lot of conventional and unconventional roles in the last ten years. Is there anything you think that you shouldn’t have done? What about your future expedition as a singer?

Shraddha: Every role I have done has been something that I am very proud of, irrespective of how it’s done and not done because this is something I wanted since I was a little girl. After my first few films, there was a moment when I thought it may not come true and that was very shattering. But all thanks to the support from my parents and the loved ones. The fact that I am only doing what I am doing is such a big opportunity for me so every part that I have played has been a big deal for me. I would love to sing more and I would like to believe that I would be able do to that soon.

Q. There are many movies which showcase the male lead as the main at the end and does not give enough credit to the female leads. What do you think about it?

Shraddha: The franchises that I have been a part of and I was absolutely right. Whatever is meant for you comes to you and what is not for you, will not be yours. If I am cast in a particular film and that is meant to be for me then there is something that I would bring to the table that will add value to those films. This question can also be answered by the producers and the makers of the films as well. It also happens that certain actor or actress may not want to do a particular film. For me, I did this film because its adding value to me and it is vice-versa. It is a character I have never played before. For me as an actor, it made challenging for me.

Q. Tiger, would you like to be cast in a remake of Shiva Ka Insaaf?

Tiger: It is actually one of my favourite movies of my dad and if the script is good then why not.


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