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#INTERVIEW-“My elder child is inclined towards dancing. He likes hip-hop.” – Madhuri Dixit Nene during promotions of ‘Dance Deewane Season 2’

She is known as the ‘Queen of Hearts’. She is regarded as the most beautiful and graceful and the epitome of beauty. Her dancing skills are excellent and so is her charm. We are talking about the evergreen beauty of hindi cinema, Madhuri Dixit Nene. After a mixture of a response at the box office with ‘Totaal Dhamaal’ being a superhit and ‘Kalank’ failing, Madhuri Dixit Nene is back as the judge of the 2nd season of the dance reality show, ‘Dance Deewane’. In an interaction with CineSpeaks, Madhuri talks about the participants, the show, failure of ‘Kalank’ and a lot more. Read to find out. 

Q)  So what new can we expect from Dance Deewane 2 as compared to season 1?

Madhuri –  Well, if you see, the general cut off age in most reality shows is around 25. But in this, it is 35 so we can hopefully get to see a lot of 3rd generation people coming in as well.  We did that for the first time last season and we are doing it again this time. And they were so amazing in their own rights that we had difficulty in selection. So with this, I hope we can expect more 3rd gen people coming in. 

Q) On a lighter note, how is the younger generation at home? 

Madhuri – Hahahaha. They are good. Pretty good. Busy with their school work and stuff. They are good. 

Q) Are they inclined towards music and dancing? 

Madhuri – Well, they are to an extent. They are learning the tabla and the piano so they are a little inclined towards it. My elder child is inclined towards dancing. He likes hip-hop.

Q) How are you managing both your personal and professional life? Also how are you still so fit? Share the secret. 

Madhuri – Well, you somehow manage. Hahaha!  Every woman goes through the same thing. But somehow, we find a way out to manage. 
As far as the fitness part is concerned, well I guess dance and being in touch with dance throughout has helped. Dance is the biggest fitness mantra. If you dance, you can be fit for life. 

Q) Nowadays the kids we see are so amazing. Ronit Roy was telling the other day that ‘Yaar yeh bacche nahi yeh ab humaare baap hai’.  How much do you relate with it? 

Madhuri – I totally relate to it. See when you grow up, the external factors and influences result in self doubt and insecurities. But when you are a little kid, all you want to do and all you know is dance. Our winner of last season Alok for example. Even when the cameras were off, he would be doing his own tumbling and all that. Speaks so highly about the passion they have for this. Henceforth, we get to see that quality stuff from the kids of today.


Q) Do you think people who have learnt classical dancing are somehow ahead of the ones who don’t have formal training?

Madhuri –  Well nowadays you can learn from everywhere and properly as well. I remember asking one guy from where he learnt dancing and he told me from the internet. I was shocked and at the same time also in awe of the fact. Look at the talent we have in this country. It’s amazing. Imagine if these people had dance teachers then what they could have done. As long as you learning correctly, you can learn from anywhere so I would like to believe that it won’t be much of a factor. 

Q) So if there are 3 generations, will the parameters for judging be the same or will it be different? 

Madhuri – Oh no. It’s the same for everyone.

Q) Is there anything you learnt from the participants or anything which you carried forward with you after the last season from the kids? 

Madhuri – I think it’s the spirit. It’s the spirit and the liveliness to do well. Also what it does is it makes the kids become caring.  Like say if someone from the 3rd generation didn’t do well,they would go up and be like ‘Uncle don’t worry, you will do well etc. ‘. So it makes them sympathetic and caring which is a lovely thing. 

Q) What do you have to say about the competition with the other shows? 

Madhuri – There will always be competition between shows. But I guess our USP is the 3rd generation. 

Q) Is there anything you feel that you could have learnt to do what these kids do? 

Madhuri– Hahaha all those tumbling and stuff that they do. Amazing.. They are so passionate. I wish I could have learnt those as well. They know a lot more than what we knew when we were of their age. 

Q) To talk about the movies now, did you feel a little bad with ‘Kalank’ not working? 

Madhuri– Well, we all tried our best. We all worked hard. There are certain things which aren’t in your control. I have been there for too long. It’s okay. 

Q) Any memory of the late Veeru Devgn ji? 

Madhuri – Well, he is just such a nice person. Back at that time, when we didn’t have that great safety measures, he would still ensure we all worked and did things safely. I will always remember him for the man he has been. 

Q) Lastly, will we see you making your debut in web series? 

Madhuri– Yes, why not. But the script has to be really amazing and ‘hatke’ for me to feel I would want to enter into web space with that. So yeah, let’s see. 


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