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INTERVIEW: DILJIT DOSANJH: South or Punjabi remakes in Hindi cinema works better because Bollywood is a bigger platform

Diljit Dosanjh is an excellent singer and a very talented actor. He impresses everyone with his performances in Punjabi as well as Hindi movies. Now we will see his in Good Newwz, a comedy entertainer which also casts Akshay Kumar, Kareena Kapoor Khan and Kiara Advani.

Q. You are an expert in comic genre, so was playing this character tough or easy? Did you relate to the character?

Diljit: I am not as loud as this character is. So actually I am nothing like the character given to me.

Q. How was it working in Hindi movies, judging shows and also working in Punjabi movies all together?

Diljit: It was great. I like both Punjabi and Hindi, anywhere where I get work.

Q. Did you have any particular script in your mind as your first work in Hindi cinema?

Diljit: No. I didn’t have anything in mind. I say yes to films if I like the role.

Q. What made you say yes to this character?

Diljit: I found the character to be funny.

Q. You had mentioned before that Karan Johar had shortlisted you in a film but you were not sure whether he will take you or not. Was it true?

Diljit: He had called me for a film when Udta Punjab was under works. We talked about it 2-3 times but I wasn’t in that film till then. So that time I thought these people just call you in and don’t give any work. So when I went there, I had nothing in my heart about doing this film. But I found him serious this time. My manager told me that we should go ahead. So when we went there, he gave me the script directly. I liked the story and the role. The set up was also great with Kareena ji and Akshay sir. I found the story so interesting that I continuously read it till the interval. The dialogues were very funny, I was laughing a lot while reading. I couldn’t recollect any Punjabi film for which I had laughed this much. So I told Karan sir that day itself that I am in.

Q. Did you know before that your character in Udta Punjab was going to be played by Ayushmann Khurrana?

Diljit: No, I didn’t know.

Q. How do you convert your personal nature according to the role?

Diljit: I don’t know honestly. I look at it as my work and think that my work has started.

Q. You have often said that you find some scripts really funny but then they don’t do that well in the box office. Why do you think this happens?

Diljit: I found Arjun Patiala also very funny but it didn’t do well. A movie doesn’t do well because it wasn’t made properly. It can’t happen that a good film won’t work out. If movie is made nicely, word of mouth is given out nicely then the movie will definitely do well on the next day itself.

Q. So do you talk to the director about this situation to make it better?

Diljit: No, this can’t happen.

Q. Singing is your forte; would you want to include singing in your next films?

Diljit: No, there is nothing like this. Even for Good Newwz, I did not tell them that I want to do a song in the movie. They are taking me seriously as an actor and that is a big thing and I am happy about it.

Q. Between Punjabi film and Hindi film, which one do you enjoy working in more?

Diljit: I enjoy a good script. What happens in Punjabi films is that if I like any script, my friends and I go ahead to produce it. We have 4-5 films in line, we have the script. But it’s a big business in Hindi films, it requires more money also.

Q. So would you plan on producing any Hindi movie in future?

Diljit: No idea, not even about the audience. People first told me that you are better with serious films, so now I have a serious film coming up next year. Right now comedy is going on. Let’s see how this goes. Comedy requires a lot of work, more than being serious.

Q. How did you break the ice when you met Kiara Advani?

Diljit: It’s still not broken till today. But we are comfortable. It didn’t feel like I was working with her for the first time. But in real life, I am a reserved person in general with everyone, not just her.

Q. You are known to have a good connection with your fans, how do you manage to do so?

Diljit: Yeah, I know many of their names also. Even while shooting, we sit for 15-20 mins after every shot, so I just scroll through twitter.

Q. Do you have a role model in comedy genre of Bollywood?

Diljit: I like Mehmood Ali sir’s, Akshay Kumar sir’s and Govinda Sir’s comedy. There are more though. Anurag Kashyap and Abhishek Chaubey also put nice small punches in their serious films, I like that comedy as well.

Q. It has been three years since you started working in Bollywood, do you feel like you still have to crack that solo lead?

Diljit: No, I am a singer, all this other work started automatically. People used to tell me that for this you should do a biopic, now I have got that also. So these things are just coming my way, I don’t deserve all this. Neither I am not planning them, nor do I have a person here to bring this all to me. Maybe because of this I am lacking few opportunities. But I don’t have any insecurity regarding it. I have a lot of other music work and Punjabi films look into. If god wants you to get that opportunity then it happens anyhow.

Q. Do you want any movie to be remade in which you are a part of it?

Diljit: Whatever has been made in the first time is the best, it doesn’t work out great the second time. The taste in the second time’s tea is not as good as the first time’s tea. South remakes do well because they get a bigger platform in Bollywood. Even some Punjabi songs which I know were hit 10 years ago, are getting hit here now. But any Hindi movie remade in Punjabi won’t work out.

Q. You started your career as a singer and then you started doing a lot of shows. So now are you only concentrating on films or even these shows?

Diljit: I am still doing shows. I was in Malaysia two days ago. I have England, Australia and Europe tours next year. Also in Mumbai and Delhi. I don’t leave shows, I am earning from these shows only and not from Bollywood yet.

Q.   Do you feel competition with Guru Randhawa and Badshah?

Diljit: No, because I am also doing Hindi movies and Punjabi movies.  

Q. Do you think Bollywood has stereotyped Punjabi character by giving them comedy roles?

Diljit: I have done serious roles for 1-2 years. This is year I started my comical roles. It’s not their fault entirely. It suits the story sometimes. It is good that someone is envisioning you in a character.  It will get better with time.

Q. Are you planning on doing web series?

Diljit: Yes, I will do one next year.

Q. Do you think people appreciate your shows more because now you are a Bollywood actor as well?

Diljit: No, if your songs are hit then they will come and listen to it. If you are not able to entertain them when you are on the stage and if your song is not good then it will go downhill. It’s not related to being an actor. In Punjab, if someone’s songs are hit then he is more hit and known than an actor.

Q. Do you sing Punjabi songs in your shows?

Diljit: They are mostly Punjabi. There are one or two Bollywood songs.

Q. Will it be easy for you to do a role in any other language’s movie?

Diljit: No, it will be difficult to learn a language.


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