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INTERVIEW:- Esha and Emraan tell us what got them into the Baadshaho mode..

Baadshaho is an upcoming period heist film set in the 70s starring Ajay Devgn, Vidyut Jamwal, Esha Gupta, Emraan Hashmi and Iliana D’Cruz. We caught up with Esha and Emraan to talk about this well awaited movie, directed by
Milan Lutharia.

We got to talking with Emraan Hashmi and Esha Gupta about their upcoming, awaited film, Baadshaho. It being his first pure action role, Emraan wasn’t very confident. “I’ve not done a lot of action before. So I was quite nervous to get into this zone. Unlike Ajay (Devgn), he’s incredible at action. He’s done it all his life.” Esha, also a first timer with action, wasn’t done just yet with kicking butt. “I did have action but not as much as I’d like. But we had to be true to the era, it was a couple of decades ago. So, I couldn’t get that involved. But you know, I still wish I’d kicked and punched a couple more guys!”, she chuckled.

When asked about their characters, Esha smiled. “Commando released this year and I had Rustom last year. In terms of Rustom, I didn’t move a lot in time – just from the 60s to the 70s. My character is strong, she’s the alpha. But unlike in Rustom, she isn’t a vamp – she has her reasons, she’s endearing. She knows what she is doing and that’s why the audience will like her.”
Emraan is new to his kind of character. “My character is actually unlike anything I’ve played before! He’s eccentric and has a very dark sense of humor. He’s delivering one liners where they absolutely don’t belong! In tense situations with guns and cars involved, he’s constantly joking. But he’s interesting and I’d like to play more characters like him.”
Delving deeper into the characters of the film, we questioned them about the story and the relationships. “Well the women are the reason the heist is taking place you know. They’re the ones bringing the men together and keeping them that way. So, they’re quite important to the plotline. The men obviously are there for the heist.” remarked Esha.
“I don’t want to reveal too much but basically the characters take a 180 turn by the end of the film. They are polar opposites of what they were because they evolve.” Emraan chips in.
“We actually discovered how the relationship would go during the shoot. It was a 100 hour mission in the movie and we finished in that much time too. I kept asking if it wouldn’t be too convenient that Esha’s character is in love with me just because it’s a Bollywood film. So during the filming we looked into what would feel logical. It evolved as we shot it and eventually we hit a zone that was interesting. He is constantly trying to woo her but he’s nothing close to who she expected to marry or love.”
Looking into the kinds of films being produced today, we tried to understand the category Baadshaho belongs to. When asked about this, Emraan replied, “Well, Milan (Luthria) is great at hitting the zone between commercial and realistic.”
So do BO returns bother Emraan? “You know, BO figures decide our longevity as actors. So we do have to place a certain importance on it. But I don’t like to put that much pressure on the film – as in I’d rather take a pay cut after the film so that the film makers aren’t as pressurized. But as an actor, it isn’t the reason I came into the film industry. To me, the creative process comes first.”

Regarding the recent controversy involving her pictures, we asked Esha about her response. After having been trolled for uploading what was thought to be ‘cheap’ pictures, she had a very simple reply. “I didn’t really understand why everyone was so affected. I liked the picture so I uploaded them, it’s what people do on Instagram. If you don’t like them, unfollow or block me. The posts after those pictures were kind of push back to the trolls. These are the kind of people who criticize you for indecency and then save the same picture on their phone.”
Returning to the film, we asked them about the era they were in. “The look and feel of the film is key in setting the period. Even the cars we used belonged to that period. Scenes we shot in a village were done using a proper kerosene lantern. I was lucky to have Ajay, Emraan and Sanjay sir around me – 3 great actors whose performance really uplifted mine.” Esha explained.

Baadshao releases countrywide on September 1.2017.

By : Divya Mehta.

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