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Interview – Karan kapadia – I took this film because this was the only film offered to me.

Twinkle Khanna’s cousin brother Karan Kapadia is all set to step into Bollywood with his debut film Blank where he will be seen playing the role of a suicide bomber, who suffers memory loss. He will be seen sharing the screen with Sunny Deol. Movie is a past phase thriller directed by Behzad and will be releasing on 3rd May 2019.

Q. How are you feeling to get such a big launch?

Karan- Feeling excited and nervous. I had signed this movie in 2016, its been 3 years now it is finally releasing. The content is out and people are liking it which indicates that our decision to stick to such unsual content was good.

Q. Since you have signed the film in 2016 the concept has almost changed where stars are not important but the script is more important. So do you think this is kind of good luck?

Karan – I think this is the best time for young actors, the diversity in content and kinds of scripts are coming up even on OTT platform not just feature films. I think lot of actors are given a chance to showcase their talent and I think there are lot of platforms especially on digital platform you have freedom to express your creativity.

Q. To began your career with this off beat film, do you think now the new comers can try with different films?

Karan – Yeah its different, someone might have offered same script which I may not like so it also depends on personal choices. At the end of the day I still say that I took this film because this was the only film offered to me, there was nothing like good fortune to pick and choose but if I had that option than I would have chose Blank only. I always want to be a part of content which I watch as an audience.

Q. Choosing acting as an career was a concious decision or were you persuaded by someone?

Karan – No I was never persuaded by anyone, I wanted to do this since I was 11 years old, I started working on it from the age of 15. Obviously people in your family are doing samething so you get influenced at a certain point. I always wanted to do something, Alia was in batch and she was killing it, even I wished if could also be at same page so I started doing short films and all. I started assisting when I was 15, and i assisting any film is far more better for an actor to persue acting.

Q. You have got a good support system, there is Sunny Deol, Akshay Kumar and whole family, so does that make you feel more confident?

Karan – I never really looked at it like that, i started my own journey when I was 15 I never asked them to help me. I just kept doing what I felt, i gave many auditions.

Q. Did you take some tips and tricks from Sunny Deol and Akshay Kumar?

Karan – No, I never discussed my performance because I believe everyone has different approach. For me music is a big stimulant but for someone it might be distracting. How someone approch action is different for different people, so what works for them doesn’t mean it will work for me. You also should know your strengths and weekness and then tailor your performance.

Q. How did you prepare for your character?

Karan – Its a unique situation to be in. I had 2 years of time to prepare myself, in those 2 years I got time to construct the character from scratch. I had conversation with Behzad to know how exactly the charcter is. I know him from 8 years so he will definitely stop me from doing anything wrong and will tell me to change and work on my acting. So the honesty helped and we could get rid of the things he didn’t like as a director. It difficult to be in that zone from a mental aspect.

Q. Has Akshay seen the trailer and film and did he comment on your performance?

Karan – Yes he has seen the trailer. About my performance he said I doesn’t look like 1st time actor. I think he obviously liked it because if he didn’t like it than he wouldn’t have done the song.

Q. How did Sunny Deol came onboard and what was your reaction?

Karan – Sunny came onboard after Behzad developed the script and he wanted him only as he is a big fan. So he pitched the script and Sunny sir liked it so that how everything happened.

Q. How do you go further now?

Karan – I am gonna just keep auditioning and writing, I will be doing exactly what I used ro before I got this film. I am open to everyting and I am gonna kepp trying.

Q. What is your take on nepotism?

Karan – I have nothing to add to this debate, everything has already been said by so many people out there. I think if your work is good than it will speak for itself. This doesn’t bother me, I do what I like, if people won’t like my work they won’t watch me.

Q. How is your equation with Dimple?

Karan – It is amazing, she is like my 2nd mother, she is my biggest supporter and bigesst fan. Even if I do a rubbish film she will still like it. She is like my friend I talk to her about anything and everything.

Q. What gener of film do you personally like?

Karan – I like films in general, I don’t really tjink about the genre, if the story is good, enjoying and entertaining similarly I am opened to everything. My preferences are Sci-Fi films and concept and yes past phase thriller like Blank.

Interview by Rupal Purohit

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