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INTERVIEW :- KRITI SANON- “I tried googling but there wasn’t much available about Parvatibai….” Read full interview here…

Actress Kriti Sanon who debuted with a successful film like Heropanti has became one of the popular face in Bollywood. Her popularity is keep increasing with every film and role she did. On social media she has major fan following among other Bollywood celebrities. In 2019, she has delivered 2 Commercially successful films like Luka Chuppi and Housefull 4. Continuing the same expectations, she is gearing up for her next biggie Panipat, in which she is playing a historic character of Parvatibai and the film is set to release on 6 December 2019. While talking about the film and her role she expressed some interesting facts, let’s read them all…

Q. Are you ready for Kriti vs Kriti on 6 December (Panipat vs Pati Patni Air Woh)?
Kriti– It’s Kriti vs Special appearance. Kriti is fully here. Obviously my wishes are with them, they’re all friends (Pati Patni Aur Woh cast) and that’s why i did special appearance. It’s literally one scene.

Q. With Mimi you are remaking a Marathi Film and it is going to Rajsthan, how is that?
Kriti– The script i heard had Rajsthan always. The basic core idea is taken from Marathi Film “Mala Aai Vhaychay” but the screenplay and characters are totally different. In the film Mimi belongs Rajsthan, she stays in Mandawa.

Q. How was it playing Maharashtrian in Panipat?
Kriti– I am doing pan india film now (Laughs).. I select one by one state. I covered UP (Uttar Pradesh) in Luka Chuppi, then Delhi, here in Panipat i am going to Maharashtra, and then in Mimi i am playing a Rajsthani woman.

Q. How did you learn Horse Riding and Sword fighting for Panipat?
Kriti- Fortunately, i had learnt a little bit of both for Raabta. I brushed my horse riding skills for this one, and with the for sword fighting thing Ashu sir told me in the middle that there’s is a scene and i am gonna make you do this. I was firstly very thrilled and i was like, why only 2 days please give some more time. I was very excited and then there was one day we did like rehearsals where it was choreographed. I think the stance and posture is very important when you’re playing such a important character because again Parvatibai is doing this since childhood, she knows it, it’s not like she’s picking up the sword for the first time. But doing that in sand, in Nav-vari saree when there is dirt being thrown all over and your vision is not clear that was bit challenging but it was lot of fun.

Q. How was the experience shooting with so many veteran actors like Sanjay Dutt, Zeenat Aman and Padmini Kolhapure?
Kriti– It was amazing but i was very upset that i didn’t a get to shoot with Sanjay Dutt sir. I asked Ashu sir to give me at least one scene with him then he told me that, ‘Parvatibai and Abdali never met then how can i give you a scene with him?’ But then i took a revenge because i was the only who got to shoot with Zeenat Aman. In the morning i was very nervous because i was like, She is Zeenat Aman she is legend you never even dream of getting to work with her but she was very warm and kind. She has so much of grace, strength and warmth as a person.

Q. How did you research about the character and do you feel sad about not knowing much about the character while playing such a big role?
Kriti– Ofcourse and the fact that we don’t know much about these characters. I tried googling it but there’s is not much written about her, there are only basic facts that where she was born, she travelled with them and how she died and it’s the end. There is not much about how she was. And i think lot of things in film comes from Ashutosh sir. My history book was Ashu sir, i think he is better than any history book.

Q. What do you have to say about Panipat is being compared with other Historic films?
Kriti- I was expecting comparisons when I signed the film. Padmaavat too was compared to Baahubali. The period of Panipat and Bajirao is similar. The setting is similar because the Peshwas lived in Shaniwar Wada, and they dressed in a certain way. But the characters are different. I hope the audience doesn’t jump to conclusions by watching only the trailer.

Q. How was it, Parvatibai meeting a Kashibai aka Priyanka Chopra recently, has she seen the trailer?
Kriti– I didn’t really asked her about the trailer. She is a very warm person and she’s very real and that i love the most about her. We were trying to funnily find our exact relation, you’re Bajirao’s wife, Bajirao’s Nephew Sadashiv and i am Sadashiv’s Wife so you’re like my Taai-sa. Priyanka had seen my video where I was dancing on Coca Cola [Luka Chuppi song] in my vanity van, dressed as Parvatibai. She said, It reminded me of myself because whenever I would be off the set, I was no longer Kashibai. I would slip into my character again when I was on the set. Then We had a fun, informal conversation.

Q. Tell us about Mimi because again it’s a very different film and role for you?
Kriti– It’s a very special role for me because surrogacy is a topic that hasn’t been explored so much here. The way Laxman sir makes the film and the way Rohan has written it, they have a knack of taking a subject and making it entertaining. It’s not preachy or serious. It’s not like you are going to watch a film on surrogacy and it’s going to be a documentary film. It’s a very entertaining film, filled with humour, and a lot of ups and downs. There’s a beautiful graph of the woman I am playing, Mimi, she is a dancer and she is ambitious and wants to be an actress and how she ends up becoming a surrogate mother and what all happens, how her life changes and with that she changes. It’s a beautiful script.

Q.How excited are you to work again with Akshay Kumar in Bachchan Pandey?
Kriti– I am very excited. I have read of the script, it’s very entertaining, and the way Farhad has written the script and my role, I am thrilled to play that. It’s something very different and has got a lot to explore as an actor and of course the team is the same that I worked with on ‘Housefull 4′ so, my comfort level is something else. Housefull didn’t have as many scenes with Akshay sir but whatever we had, we realised our give and take is very good. It’s fun to do scenes with him because they always turn out better than what you see on paper because he always has that craving for finding something more. I absolutely love that. This film has a lot more and waiting to start the shooting. We will start in April so i will wrap up Mimi amd then start Bachchan Pandey.

By :- Sameer Ahire.

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