9 Months by Firstpost is back with Season 4 with Maria Goretti as its host. This season will focus on the age group of 2-12 years. Get excited for all the 6 episodes of 9 Months as there is going to be many celebrity moms and parenting experts.

Q. What made you say yes to ‘9 months’?
I have done a lot of different things in the past. So when I see something interesting, which I have not done before, I think to myself that there is always a first time. And 9 Months is an interesting show to be a part of. You get to meet so many parents and professionals who come with different views; you get to see what you are doing or what you have done in a different light. There is no right or wrong in this. If I feel something is fine, it’s working out and I am not having any problem with the thought process of the entire show or with the people I am working with, then I find it fun.

Q. You are also a mother, so do you think being a part of this season will give you some take away or a learning experience?
The age group of children we are dealing with here is the age group that I have already passed. My kids are teen and in pre-teen. So now when I listen to people talk about this, I go back to a lot of things that I have done with my kids. Sometimes I look at the utopian way how mothers are looking at the situations and it doesn’t work like that in my head. You only learn through your own experience. So I used to think that when my children grow up, it would become easier for me but now I think what went passed me was much easier than this.

Q. There must be a lot of nostalgia kicking in…
 Yes, because when I am talking about it, there are a lot of flashes that come up in my head so I have restrained myself from it. But it is lovely to listen to them and its quite nice going through this. While this goes on I realize that it is such a big growing up which has happened. Now kids are growing up with laptops and other gadgets, my kids didn’t.

Q. What are your expectations from this season?
With this season, I am looking at all the things that I have done right and wrong because I have gone past it. Sometimes when people talk, I think that okay maybe I could have done things that way. But my expectations is that it reaches many mothers and everyone understands that this journey which all of us take, though we have the support of our family, it is still a personal journey. Because everyone’s paths are different and everyone handles their kids differently. I am hoping that a lot of people watch the show and understand the other ways to do things. And it’s fine because we all are figuring out ways to balance kids.

Q. What are the challenges that you have faced being a mother?
There are plenty. I can’t put them down. Every child comes with his beautiful yet stubborn ways and you have make peace somewhere in the middle. No one-thing works for everyone. It is a crazy journey but if I had to do it all over again then I would definitely repeat it.

By Rujuta Thete

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