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Interview : Milap Zaveri- “Riteish in Marjaavaan would be an Instant recall of Peter Dinklage from Game Of Thrones…” Read full interview here… 

Milap Zaveri is known for his commercial films and that’s his passion. He wrote several films and got recognition as of those writer who can entertain audience. He debuted in direction few years ago but last year he saw a commercial success with Satyameva Jayate. After tasting a success last year the director is all set to light up the screens again with Marjaavaan which an Intense Lovestory with lot of action in it. The promos and songs have worked very well and the director is hoping for another successfull film. Read out what he has to say about Marjaavaan..

Q. How was it shooting Marjaavaan with different kind of character of Riteish?
Milap– it was difficult, it was a tough film. Because there is lot of action in the film and there is a villain who is 3 feet so that involves a lot of VFX work. Also we didn’t have the budget like Zero had so we had to use our intelligence. We had to do bit of new school, bit of old school. 50% film Riteish walked on his Knees like Kamal Hassan sir had done at the time of Appu Raja and the other 50% was VFX. There is lot of action in the film, especially Siddharth fought in all 5 elements like water, rain, mud, fire and clay. This is a big film for me because there is a love story and in Satyamev Jayate there was no love story. So the weakest thing in Satyameva Jayate was the love story, here the love story is the strongest part of the film.

Q. Was there any reference for Marjaavaan from old films?
Milap– I grown up watching films of Manmohan Desai, Prakash Mehra, Mukul Anand, Ramesh Sippy, Rajkumar Santoshi and Santosh Gupta. In those films Heor used to be like a larger than life Hero, there was lot of Dance, Action, Dialoguebazi so those were the inspiration for Marjaavan. Even Satyamev Jayate was that mass action film so for Marjaavaan i thought i will go all out.

Q. How do you do that? Like taking inspiration from old films and relate it to the today’s audience?
Milap– I try to make action stronger, you know it should be more powerful. Satyameva Jayate was set in a city, it was about corruption and today’s youngsters also deal with corruption everyday so they identified that, yes police can be corrupt. Satyameva Jayate was like Rajkumar Santoshi’s Ghayal then Marjaavaan is Ghatak. We worked on the music to get today’s youngsters excited and they have really caught on music of Marjaavan. And the other thing I did that i changed the villain because today’s generation has seen Game of Thrones, they loved Peter Dinklage so for them it’s an instant recall.

Q. If Satyamev Jayate had not been successful, you would have still made for Marjaavan?
Milap– If Satyamev Jayate wouldn’t have worked then and I would be sitting home. The success of film gives you confidence that your conviction is right, your conviction has reached to certain amount of people and then you try and analyse what was good in Satyamev Jayate and what was not. So i felt in Satyamev Jayate the love story was very weak, I didn’t do the justice to the girl Ayesha, so in Marjaavaan i worked very hard on the love story. The youth of today connect to love-stories very quickly, if the love story in Satyamev Jayate had been powerful then it would have done more business. Satyamev Jayate was a very violent film and I got ‘A’ certificate for the film but this time i am hoping i will get ‘U/A’ because there is not much violence, yes there is action but it will be not much violent which will keep women audience away.

Q. Did you write Satyameva Jayate 2 after Marjaavaan?
Milap– No. I wrote it before Marjaavaan. I wanted to do Satyameva Jayate 2 just after Satyamev Jayate and before Marjaavan but when i went to John Abraham he told me that he is busy in Batla House, Pagalpanti and Mumbai Saga. John (Abraham) is my real life hero, whatever i am today is because he has shown a faith on me and he told me, why are you seating home for an year, just finish Marjaavan and after that i will give you my dates for Satyameva Jayate 2 and then i had to start Marjaavaan.

Q. Is there any specific reason for Riteish to have that vishnu kind of look, that Tika on his forehead?
Milap– Yes because he is from South India in the film. He is a Don from south, his father is also don. Actor Nassir sir from south is playing his Father’s role. So the look is kind of traditional to the south Indian culture.

Q. From where did this idea came to have a 3 feet villain in the film?
Milap- The idea came from a trivia. I heard Subhash Ghai sir was making a film called Deva where he wanted to have a Dwarf villain against Amitabh Bachchan, but the film didn’t happen. Tushar Hiranandani my friend told me this years back and that stayed in my mind. So while writing this Character for Marjaavaan i thought let’s have a 3 feet villain against 6 feet hero, it would be interesting. The moment i narrated this to Riteish he immediately said yes, he was very excited.

Q. Why are you making Satyamev Jayate 2 instead of making another Original film?
Milap– Because i want to make Satyamev Jayate Franchise with John. The first film did well and it stucked a chord with lot of people. I jokingly said it to John that, Stallone is making Rambo films till 80 so we will make Satyamev Jayate film for years till you will be to walk because it is a take on corruption and corruption never gonna end.

Q. You’re doing commercial cinema for quite some time, will we ever get to see you making a High content cinema or Award material?
Milap– I have a strong point of view on Content cinema. What is content cinema? Gully Boy is content for certain audience, Simmba is a content for another people. If you ask me, Milap what do you want- Audience in the theatre and 0 stars from critics or 5 stars from critics and no Audience in the theatre? I will say i want people in the theatre and 0 stars, it is as simple as that.

By :- Sameer Ahire

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