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Interview : Rakul Preet- “Milap told me that my character in Marjaavaan is like Rekhaji in Mukkadar ka Sikandar…” Read full interview here..

Rakul Preet Singh who started her bollywood career with Yaariyaan is one of those popular female actors currently in youths. Her last film DDPD recieved a commercial success and her role in the film was loved by youth audience. Just after 6 months she is coming back to silver screen with completely different Avatar in Marjaavaan. The film is coming to theatres from 15 November, 2019 and Rakul has spoken out some interesting facts about the film. Let’s catch them all..

Q. How different is this Marjaavaan space from Aiyyari to De De Pyaar De?
RakulMarjaavaan is completely different. Marjaavan came to me when I was shooting for De De Pyaar De and the selling point of the film for me was Milap told me that the character is like Rekha ji from Mukaddar ka Sikandar, Tabu from Jeet and Chandramukhi of Devdas. I thought that these kind of roles were in 90s, in recent past and in our generation we haven’t seen them. When you see Aarzoo’s character in song there is Nazakat, there is Shero-Shaayari, she is fearless. It is a very strong character so even though it has smaller length, it is very impactful role and i thought when will i get chance to do such kind of role, so i said Yes. And also De De Pyaar De was very different from this so people will get to see the versatile side of me.

Q. How did you learn those Nazakat and all stuff?
Rakul– I went to a bar to observe these things. I met bar girls to see their body language and how they are standing when people are looking at them. That helped me a lot to getting the body language of Aarzoo right. The other things like Shero-Shaayari and Dialogue, that we learn in the readings.

Q. Did you feel any pressure when Milap told you that you’re going to Play iconic character like Rekhaji?
Rakul– That’s a very iconic character and Milap was saying it at trailer launch. When people see the film and even 1% of feel sales then that will be my biggest satisfactory point. I know that they are legendary and I don’t even want to compare myself with them.

Q. How do you see your journey from Bollywood to south and then South to Bollywood?
Rakul– I love the journey. I was someone who was not from the industry, i was someone who didn’t have training in acting so there was constant growth and finding your own way. I shot Yaariyaan and i started shooting for my Telugu after 2 days but Yaariyan took 1 year to release and I had offers from South. So I thought let’s do those films because Yaariyaan is yet to release. So i continued working there and i got emotionally attached with the industry. That growth really help me and after that I was supposed to do “MS Dhoni” but that didn’t happened because they postpone the schedule because of Sushant’s hair lenght took time and I was shooting for other film and I could not change my date at all.

Q. What is Aarzoo’s Character?
Rakul– Milap told me, ‘Sab Aarzoo ke Deewane hai aur Aarzoo Raghu ki Deewani hai’ (Everybody loves Aarzoo but Aarzo loves Raghu). There is Love but there is selfless love.

Q. Has success of ‘De De Pyaar De’ changed anything in your Life or career?
Rakul–  I don’t know. I think it would have changed something, the way films are coming to me. I have signed 4 films now in Hindi. We are just waiting for announcement. I have started shooting for 1 film and all are in the first 6 months of next year. All are good scripts and good roles so i think that credit goes to De De Pyaar De.

By :- Sameer Ahire.

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