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INTERVIEW: SANJAY MISHRA: I have a thirst to play different characters and not in earning money.

Sanjay Mishra will be seen in his upcoming movie, Kaamyaab which will release on 6th March 2020. Read on the interview to know more about this talented actor!

Q. How close do you consider yourself to this character of the film Kaamyaab?

Sanjay: Someone saw the trailer and wrote that a lot actors like you will cry after watching this film. So it is very close to as it is a story of an actor. This is the story which would make recognition for itself and the actors. Because everyone wants to create recognition for themselves, no matter what line they are in.

Q. Did the journey of the character in the film touch you on a personal level?

Sanjay: I do relate it. Like Amitabh Bachchan, he has till date kept himself standing on his legs and working whereas other actors of his age and time are interested only in farmhouses. That is why he is young. So when people ask who is the youth? It is Amitabh Bachchan and not someone who is lying somewhere drunk. So it is like keeping the light alive and your identity is only for yourself and not for the entire world. Success does not mean thousand people wanting your autograph or photograph, it means self-satisfaction.

Q. You once said that you don’t want awards but want audience.

Sanjay: Yeah, I had said that for national award. It is a kind of award which falls under government. And it’s their job to make a way for the good movies to reach people. I had this film, Turtle, who was made a guy coming from Gujarat. He made it about water crisis and government selected it for national award. This reaches out to audiences. A guy in Nagpur might get inspired by national cinematography award, he would consider watching the movie because it will interest him. So such movies get awards but it should also be shown to people and students. These kids will get to know about water crisis and it will create awareness. There are many cities in India where there is no water. So throw away the national award, book a theatre and show all the movies nominated for the national award. Let people see it.

Q. You have done many films which deserved national award.

Sanjay: Ankhon Dekhi was not considered but Kadvi Hawa got a special mention national award. All these movies should reach out to people. Shah Rukh Khan has movies with 200-300 crores but now he has taken a stand that he will make one of the best films but this should have been done by the government. But it’s good.

Q. How much difference does it make with association of Shah Rukh Khan and Red Chillies Entertainment with Kaamyaab?

Sanjay: The trailer would have reached 6000 viewers only but as Shah Rukh Khan came in, it stepped to 30,000 then 85,000. So the struggle would have been very long to reach it out till the audience. The trailer of Kadvi Hawa didn’t get so many viewers till date but this trailer got it in few hours. So it is Shah Rukh Khan’s magic.

Q. Recently, your fun video went viral with Ajay Devgn.

Sanjay: Look at its subtext. That movie will not sell because of me. It will say that the movie has Sanjay Mishra and Ajay Devgn. You take your film up and I support it. There is some difference. Both actors are important. One sells the film and one supports the film. People want to see me and my voiceovers.

Q. Gully Boy recently got nominated for Oscars. What are your views about it?

Sanjay: They thought it should get selected and it got selected. Nobody can do anything about it. It was a good and fun movie. It shook up a generation and a kind of music.

Q. How satisfied are you as an actor?

Sanjay: This city makes you a friend to a sir in no time. When someone who called you by your name, now calls you as sir then that satisfaction is there. Money thing depends on your destiny. Some people do nothing and still get the money, some work lifetime but still behind that EMI. But I have never worked for money. I have done few films for free also. I don’t take money for short films that I do. But the character I get in those short films is not something I get in a feature film. So that thirst to portray that character is not in earning money.

Q. What all do you look for in a film before saying yes to it?

Sanjay: I see the director, I never read the scripts. I didn’t read script for Kaamyaab. People write the script for 2-3 years and I can’t read it in 2 hours and suggest changes in that. You are the director, you read it out to me. So I can see the whole story.

Q. What are high points of the movie Kaamyaab?

Sanjay: the most interesting time was when the shoot for Kaamyaab got over, everyone said we all will party and just then Total Dhamaal picked me up. I was put into Dhamaal’s look within one hour. The director was shocked. I told him this is what an actor does! The story of Kaamyaab is very interesting. At some points, I really cried because I have gone through these phases.

Q. You have done Kadvi Hawa and also commercial movies on the other side which movie do you enjoy working in most?

Sanjay: I enjoy acting. So I enjoy both.

Q. So Kaamyaab is like your autobiography.

Sanjay: Yes, it is. I am fortunate enough that I am getting to work in such a film which tells a story similar to mine. It is a good thing.

Q. There are specific characters written for actors like you, Neena Gupta and Pankaj Tripathi. Do you think the times are changing now?

Sanjay: There is a change in cinema and audience now. Audience want content now. They want to see other things, love stories and all common. When you perform with all your heart then it will definitely reach out to other people’s heart too.

Q. Do you think the actors in the industry got their due?

Sanjay: Watch this movie, Kaamyaab, in the end there is the hero left. There were many heroes and characters before also. They have got their dues. Some people come in to become heroes but not all. when I was acting as a blind man in the movie Charas, I was told A K Hangal was the hero for doing the best role for being blind so do it like him. So even that is a hero.

Q. Which role do you consider your best role so far?

Sanjay: It will be in the next film. I thought what would I do after Ankho Dekhi but then Kaamyaab came and now I think the same thing. Next thing should very different. Holy Cow, Death on a Sunday, Gwalior are very different from each other so it is fun.


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