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INTERVIEW: SANJAY MISHRA: I will take up interesting opportunities that will come in my way of acting.

Sanjay Mishra is one of the most talented and demanded actor today. He did his debut TV show Chanakya in 1991 and Hindi Film debut with Oh Darling! Ye Hai India in 1995. He is highly recognised by his performances in movies like Phas Gaya Re Obama, Jolly LLB, Dum Laga Ke Haisha and Masaan and many more. For years, he has been known as the comic actor who could add spark to any scene. In an interview with Cinespeaks, he talks about his upcoming movie, Ekkees Tareekh Shubh Muhurat.

Q. You have been seen in mostly comedy genre films, do you plan to stick to it in the future as well? Or try other genre?
Sanjay Mishra: Whatever comes in my way of acting, if at all it is interesting for me then I will surely do it. Whether it is a comedy film or a Hindi film or any other genre film. But I won’t trouble my fans and followers to like me in a specific role, I will work for role which will definitely interests me and them too. I will take up interesting opportunities that will come my way.

Q. Filmmaker Pavan Kumar Chauhan revealed that approaching actor Sanjay Mishra for Ekkees Tareekh Shubh Muhurat was not an easy task. Is that true?
Sanjay Mishra: Actually, he said this keeping in mind the dates because sometimes, I have a day free but sometimes I might be booked all through the day and couldn’t take out time for him. So maybe he said it or people perceived it wrongly, but his meaning was that I wasn’t having any free days to meet him. Which is a normal case that every actor faces. Even I was wondering after reading it that what does this mean? Sometimes you’re sitting free but sometimes you need three Saturdays in a week. As soon as I got time, I met and him heard the script for Ekkees Tareekh Shubh Muhurat and loved the story.

Q. What made you say yes to this movie?
Sanjay Mishra: First thing as an actor, I look at the places for shooting or sets. Like Masaan’s set was in Banaras, this movie was in Rishikesh, Haridwar and in Mathura. The Mathura’s pandit and all attracted me the most, I’ve heard a lot about it and now I was going to see and experience it so this point attracted me the most. I also loved the story when I heard the script. And every movie works in instalments and I found it very interesting in the way this story opens.

Q. Who did you like working with the most in this movie?
Sanjay Mishra: All of us are professionals here. So we work with each other very professionally. Though we talk with each other and some become goof friends but when it comes to the professional side, we stay professional. So, it is fun working with everyone who is professional.

Q. Are you looking forward to work with Netflix?
Sanjay Mishra: Right now I’m quite famous in my movie days itself so if I ever do something for Netflix, I don’t want to repeat anything there. I will try to work with Netflix if it brings out something different rather than repetitive stuffs. Right now I have no answer to it. It all comes up by itself, if a good character if offered then sure.

Q. Tell us about your upcoming projects.
Sanjay Mishra: Now after Ekkees Tareekh Shubh Muhurat releases on 2nd November, I’ve a movie lined up called Kaamyaab, Dhamaal and many more.


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