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INTERVIEW: “Shahrukh is playing a character that comes at crucial time in the film which is a turning point of my character in the film,” Salman Khan

Tubelight is an upcoming Indian period war drama film written, and directed by Kabir Khan. The film is produced by Salman Khan and Kabir Khan. It’s Salman Khan’s much awaited film of the year. Here is an interview with Salman Khan giving more insight of film.


Tell us about your experience while shooting for ‘ Tubelight.’

My journey while shooting for Tubelight has been incredible. While growing up, we are all tender and naive; there is abundance of innocence we have but once we enter the adulthood, our innocence fades. Similarly, In my case, at the age of 51, I have dealt with different kinds of people and have had better understanding and knowledge of world and it’s people around, it was a quite a challenge for me to portray my character. I had to dig in deep into my character in order to do full justice to the character that I’m portraying. I learned a lot only by observing kids at home, fortunately there are so many kids at home. So, yes it helped me a lot. Also, while shooting, Sohail and I could recollect a lot of memories of our school days. We also got in touch with some of our classmates with whom we weren’t in touch for a long time. It was so much fun while shooting ! I also had to be little careful to make sure that I don’t over do it because it’s an emotional film, so I had to strike a balance. Over all it was a great experience!

At the trailer launch, you had labelled yourself as a limited performer, which you are absolutely not. What made you say that?

I can call myself ‘The Best Performer,’ but people don’t feel this way. So, I rather call myself ‘The Most Limited,’ and let people say what they have to say. But I am sure, now they will not see me as a limited performer after watching the Tubelight. (laughs)

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Why is Tubelight an emotionally draining film for you? 

The film was an emotional journey and I felt emotionally drained because Sohail (Khan) was playing my brother, may be that’s why I was feeling very emotional. The lines and emotions stimulated me. Whilst shooting, I had witnessed different kinds of emotions and different shades of tears and they were all real. It was quite a challenging role for me.

Since it’s your third film with director, Kabir Khan. How was your experience working with him?

Kabir and I have known each other much before Ek Tha Tiger. I saw his work in Kabul express. Katrina did New York with him, which initially she was reluctant do but over the period of time they both build a good repo with each other. So, both of us have done films with him. There is certain amount of comfortability that Kabir and I share. But if Kabir gets me a bad script, I am not gonna do it, no matter what level of comfortability we both share or how he is going to feel about my decision of not working with him. So, till the time, he is getting me the best scripts, we are working together and till the time I am giving my best shot, he will show his readiness to work with me. We both have  a different style and understanding of cinema but still we come up with Films and I think it’s only because we both share a good understanding. So, he pulls me down towards him and I pull him up towards me (Laughs)


The film is based on the Hollywood film, So how much input had you given in the scripting?

I have not seen the film. I got to know this much later that, there is a film called ‘Little Boy’, The film is an official adaptation of this small American film, Little Boy. We bought its short rights, arey Meri maa kaa naam producer mei hai, I had to be careful (laughs). We like the idea of the story but of course the film is different. Tubelight is inspired from this film but plot is entirely different. In Little Boy, a boy awaits his father’s arrival where as in Tubelight, there is this simple boy, who is very slow and is bullied in the village believes that he can stop the war and he will get his brother back. He also ensures that our soldiers too get back to their families. So, the film has twists and turns. There are so many layers and variations to the film.

We have seen Shahrukh Khan’s glimpses in the trailer. What is he doing in the film?

Shahrukh has done a day’s work. He is playing a cameo in the film which will depict the boy’s turning point in the film. It’s an interesting twist.


A lot is being anticipated that Tubelight might break Bahubali’s record. Do you feel certain pressure?

I Doubt it will break Bahubali’s record. I am moving ahead without having any pressure in mind as long as no one loses money, I am fine with that. . Bahubali is an Indian epic-historical fiction film. The film prompted everyone across the globe and made it big. Hindi cine goers made it a super hit . Hats off to our people who went to the theatre and watched the film.

Will the film Tubelight also be releasing in China?

Well, China has their own protocols of releasing only 30 to 34  foreign films yearly. So, as of now its not certain but its in the process.

Does social media trolls affect you? How do you deal with such trolls?

If people think that if affects me, then they are sadly mistaken because I don’t check my social media accounts anymore be it Instagram or twitter. Earlier the scenario was completely different, where in people used to write funny things about public figure on social media but now in today’s time, they have taken trolls to another level altogether. We have started this page called ‘Being in Touch,’ where in anyone who wants to know about me can follow that page. When initially, i had started this, i only had 4 lakhs people joining in but I was happy over the fact that at least these 4 lakhs people are connected to right people and falling prey to those filthy minded people who live in disguise and conceal their real identity. Cyber officials are doing their bit to catch hold of such cranky who are spreading nonsense on social media.


You are already a superstar. What else you want achieve in life?

I would live my life moment to moment. I want to do best in that particular moment, your next moment will obviously be much better than the previous one. So, it’s an ongoing process.

The film has the tagline, ‘Kya Tumhe Yakeen Hai.’ How do you give Yakeen to yourself when you feel low in personal and professional life?

When this happen with me, I open the door, I come out and see my watchman, my security guards and my drivers. I get lessons from them. They are so happy and satisfied with life. They are work hard day and night still they have smile on their face then why am I so depressed in life despite of the position I am in. So, yes, they give me the pump and they boost me and then I go back to being normal. That’s my funda to get rid of low times.

You have worked with Katrina Kaif in multiple films, as an actor what do you think is her forte?

Well, she is one of the most hardworking actresses that I have ever met. Till today when she gets a song to do, she rehearses for 6 to 8 Days nonstop. She doing a action scene in Tiger Zinda Hai, she is been rehearsing for 6 days the action team has showed her a green signal but still she has not stopped rehearsing. She doesn’t give up easily.



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