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EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Shefali Bagga: I came out of the Bigg Boss house with my dignity intact.

Shefali Bagga entered the show again a few weeks ago but got evicted from Bigg Boss 13 yet again.  She works as an anchor for a Hindi news channel.

Q. You entered Bigg Boss house for the second time but you got out quickly, did you expect this?

Shefali: I had expected this because I did not play games inside, I was being myself. And if I had played games, I would have to become fake but why should I do that? Why do I need to be a part of that groupism? I was loud about the things I found wrong. It’s been three months now and there are a lot of games going on inside the house. So people inside thought that I take a stand and say things out loudly, so they used this against me. They said I raised and indulged in topics but there were no such topics. In fact I want to ask them why would they not raise their voice when topics like profession or something like that comes up? I’m fine that I am out quickly because I came out with dignity and did not become fake. This is what I am. I spoke out where I found the need to. There was no need to make friendships unnecessarily.

Q. You might be aware of how Bigg Boss house works since quite a few time. Do you think something is wrong with this season where violence has started erupting? Contestants are ready to fist fight, some have even thrown tea on others.

Shefali: If this thing would have been taken seriously since the start then this time wouldn’t have come at all. Now it has become very monotonous. One is fighting so other will also start fighting, how many people will you remove from the show? It is understandable if the fight happens over a legit topic but here the fights happen over unnecessary topics.

Q. Do you think Sana flips her side? She connects with Sidharth Shukla sometimes, other times with Paras?

Shefali:  There is no flipping here. Sometimes your bond with particular person strengthens. She has already said it very clearly that she has a good bond with Sidharth and that he gives her attention.

Q. Do you think whatever Paras said to you in a fight was acceptable?

Shefali: He shouldn’t have said whatever he said. He shouldn’t have brought profession in the middle. It is wrong to talk about any profession in such a way. The media doesn’t need him, he needs media. He should respect every profession. He was saying why we repeat the same things four times, because it is our job to do. We work hard in our job.

Q. Recently Sidharth and Rashmi got into a fight, do you think both of them were wrong at some place?

Shefali: I found both of them wrong. I even said that there. It is wrong to bring unnecessary outside things into the house. Rashmi shouldn’t have thrown tea, or tear the shirt or be aggressive. There was no need for this, this is how you portray your own personality.

Q. How much do you think Arhaan and Rashmi’s chemistry as a couple is?

Shefali: Everyone saw Arhaan’s honesty! Talking about Rashmi, she took it lightly; she should have taken strong decisions. If I would have been at her place, I would have taken strong decisions. Although she is talking to him very casually and it is their personal matter, but you should think about yourself and take up some space. Talking as another woman, why wouldn’t you react when you got to know about someone’s past life so late?

Q. Even Devoleena Bhattacharjee reacted similarly and blasted at Rashmi. So do you think Rashmi did wrong?

Shefali: Obviously. Maybe she was trying to save Arhaan or maybe he has done a lot of things for her in her life so I don’t know. She says that Arhaan has supported her through a lot so maybe she values that more. Now that is their personal thing.

Q. There have always been fights going on regarding captainship. Sana had a problem dealing with it, people did not listen to her. At the end, Salman Khan had to come in and work in the house. What do you want to say on this?

Shefali: It is our own responsibility to do our own work. We do that otherwise in our normal life as well. It is not a great thing when you show attitude and ego on national TV. People should have taken their lessons there but no one did. Fighting over roti is pointless.

Q. So do you think what Mahira Sharma is exaggerating this issue?

Shefali: She is actually making roti but then why does she want to announce that so much?  We found it irritating and offensive when she worked but gave indirect taunts. There was no need of such negativity and of pulling the topic so much. Captain gave you a duty, do it and get it over with.

Q. Who do you think is being the fakest inside the house?

Shefali: Almost everyone is fake inside the house. Paras himself says that he is playing a game inside and not showing his true self. Even Shefali Jariwala doesn’t have a proper stand, she doesn’t speak much where she should. Asim also portrays fakeness, he fights unnecessarily.  

Q. Who do you think would end up as top 2?

Shefali: Sidharth and Shehnaaz.


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