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INTERVIEW: “Shushant and I share a fun equation, it’s more like khatta Meetha equation. We do care a lot for each other” : Kriti Sanon

Since Raabta is all set to release on June 9. Here is an interesting chat with the drop dead gorgeously looking actress, Kriti Sanon where she is talking about her upcoming in more detail.


You and Shushant are former engineering students, did you guys have a nerdy conversation on the sets of Raabta?

Here only one is nerdy and that is him. He sort of used to initiate nerdy conversation but would ignore it. (Laughs) He has an obsessive interest in physics and maths unlike me. I did pursue B.tech but I never had much of interest in it and also, I have short term memory loss.(Laughs) He has not completed his B.tech, which he will soon complete and I keep teasing him for this.

Why did you say YES to Raabta? What did you like in the script?

well, I am someone who loves Love stories in general. For me if a Love story really makes me move and makes me feel for the character, I get convinced. I was completely moved by the story line of Raabta. I extensively felt for the character. The story was interesting and intriguing.


What is Raabta all about?

The story talks about the deep love which perhaps we have forgotten. It talks about love which is timeless.It talks about love over these two time spans and the way these two absolutely different worlds are connected is simply beautiful and that’s what makes the story very special. In fact the era which is been shown is not yet explored in the Indian cinema. The time period shown in the film is quite rugged, raw and tribal. It will show you the connect of two different worlds with today’s time. It will be a treat for the audience to watch this film because the story is very new and fresh. Also, doing a reincarnation film is kind of a risk taking  reason being, a lot of people don’t believe in it but this factor has been considered and well taken care of while making the film.

What strategy do you follow while signing a film? Do you believe in playing safe?

I am only two films old and I only believe in doing good films. I have never been intentional about the kind of films I am doing, of course my intention is always to do something which I have never done before. Also, at the end of it, I would like to do a film which excite me as an actor. So, when I got the opportunity to Dilwale, I just jumped and gobbled the opportunity because It was really early for me to be working with such amazing actors and I feel blessed and fortunate about it. So, yes, I was not really playing a safe game to be honest.


Do you personally believe in Reincarnation?

Umm.. see there is no proof as yet for me to be able to believe in reincarnation completely. It’s something, I would love to believe in. I read a book Many life many masters, which talks about different births of the same person and how they are interlinked and one thing I found very interesting was it talks about connection and relations which are not your blood relations but feel connected to some people in your life. You feel they are very close to you but on the other and it also happens that, there are some people you end up hating for no particular understandable reason, you just don’t want to talk to that person or associate yourself with them. So, such connections are due to the connection you might have had with them in your past life that is why you develop certain fondness or hatred for people around you in your present life.  I found that book dam interesting and it was somewhere little believable for me.

You belong to a family where someone is professor and someone is Chartered account, how did your family react when you told them that you wanna become an actor?

It was quite gradual for me likewise it was gradual for them too. It didn’t come as a shock. I had started modelling while I was pursuing B.tech. My family got used to the fact that I had already started modelling, though my dad was initially a little skeptical about it but eventually, he used get very excited when he used to see my T.V series on or print ads coming on. So, both my parents were aware of my dreams while I was dreaming of becoming an actor because I started loving the process of shooting and I used to enjoy that little bit of acting which T.V commercials required. It was something I thoroughly enjoyed and I wanted to give it a try. My parents were very supportive and advised me to follow my dreams so that I don’t lead my life with regrets of not doing what I have been wanting to do in life.


Looking at the trailer, can we say that Raabta is going to be the film, which will mark the debut of Kriti Sanon, ‘The Actress.’?

You’re pressurizing me more! (Laughs)  Well, I hope so.  You know honestly, Heropanti, also was film in which I had enough to do and I think I did have a few shades to my character. There was a scope for me to perform in the film which I did to my capabilities at that point of time.  Having not done anything in acting and theatre, I was very raw and You do learn from every film that you do which makes you better each time. So, I did what I could best at that time and thankfully because of that I feel when I got accepted by the audience and film industry,  it was not only about ‘oh she looks good,’  but people also sort commented on how I performed as an actor which is very important for your first film. On the other hand, Dilwale was an ensemble film.  So, true that Raabta has much more scope for me to perform considering it has two different characters which I am playing for the first time. I am really hoping that people resonate with what I have done.

Working in a big film like Dilwale, did it help you get better work in the industry?

I don’t know if it’s all linked or it’s not. Dilwale had not released when signed Raabta. I think most importantly, it’s more about believing and seeing that in you as an actor. When I was giving the audition with Shushant, saw Dinesh sir saw Saiyra in me little bit but at the same time he thought Raabta was a film which talks about connections and organic chemistry and somewhere Shushant and I didn’t know of each other but he felt the way we were doing that audition was really compatible after a point. We were improvising and reacting to each other which was very important. So, when that happened, he was like ‘chalo banate hai film.’ So yah, Dilwale has increased my audience reach, undoubtedly. Tiger and I were new so it had a certain reach but considering Dilwale, which had big stars in it and it was a big budget film, it increased the number of people who saw the film and number of people who at least realized that Kriti Sanon exists in the industry, so that ways of course it really helped me.


Can you throw a light on your character which you are playing in the film Raabta? 

I am playing two characters, one is from the current time which is Saiyra. Saiyra is someone who lives independent and she owns a chocolate shop. She is little off  and there is something slightly quirky about the way she walks or behaves at times in a given situations. There are layers to her character and so are the reasons for her to behave in a certain manner. She also gets really intimidating nightmares which are a sort of big question mark in her life and she does not understand why they are there and she sort of makes peace with it at the same time she is very enduring and lovable. The flashback character is Saiba. She is a warrior princess. She comes from the time where women were not treated well and she someone who is brought up more like a guy and has learned weapon training . In short, she is fearless, impulsive when it comes to taking any decisions and can do anything for her land at the same time she knows that she is the most beautiful girl in the territory and as a result, she almost a little arrogant about it.

Looking at the trailer, Shushant’s character looks a bit cheesy on the contrary your demeanor looks quite fascinating, someone who cannot stand nonsensical stuff. In real life will you stand a cheesy guy?

His character is very interesting. Shiv (Shushant) has got a very good sense of humour. He throws all these cheesy lines but they are funny. I personally feel that humour is an important trait of a personality. As long as a guy can make me laugh, no matter how cheesy his line is.


What kind of a prep you had to undergo for the film?

Firstly, I learned horse riding and let me tell you horse riding is not something you can learn in few days, it takes a lot of time to master the art of horse riding and to be able to look convincing. So, the horse riding sequence in the film got green signal in one take and I was quiet happy about it and the horse was also pretty cooperative. (Laughs)  Apart from that I learned martial art and a little bit of hand to hand combat. Also, I had learned little bit of sword fighting but it never got used in the film but our primary focus was to learn every possible craft which could be used in the film. All that really helped me in forming a stronger body language.

Raabta is a intense love story film, has your perception about love changed by any chance?

No, not really. I believe there is no proper definition to it. I think when it happens, it happens. May be when it happens it has no reason to it. So, when you connect with people, you just connect. And the film exactly talks the same way, love happens between both of them but then there is no specific reason to it, it’s just happened. So, I echo the same and my perception about love did not change.


What quality or a trait should a man possess to woo you?

The first thing I would look at is personality because for me personality matters a lot. second thing I would want him to be honest because I appreciate real people and their genuineness and lastly, he sould have good sense of humour.

In real life, what kind of equation do you share with Shushant?

We share a fun equation, it’s more like khatta Meetha equation. We do care a lot for each other and even while shooting, we used to look out for each other. We are very good friends but at the same time we are strongly opinionative, so we are likely to have tiffs and arguments about some or the other thing. Even while giving interviews, we tend to fight. (Laughs)

Who is your favourite cricketer ?

Dhoni and Virat Kohli. Dhoni has got that goodness on his face. It’s very positive.


In terms of fashion, who do you look up to?

Well, I Don’t really look up to someone in terms of fashion. I think style and fashion should be personal and one should not get into aping someone else’s style. Create and wear your own style. Your style statement should have a bit of you or your personality in it. I admire Sonam, Kangana and Deepika to name a few. They really dress up well.

How you deal with your link up rumours with Shushant?

We both are used to it now. Initially it was quite annoying, once Shushant and I reacted to it on our settled platforms, post that, Both of us treat such  baseless rumours as daily soaps now.  Rumours really get annoying and dirty when it starts involving and affecting parents but my parents are supportive and they understand things.

What are your upcoming projects?

Bareilly ki Barfi is going to be my forthcoming project. I am playing an interesting character where in, I am playing a girl who is very tom boyish, smokes clandestinely and probably she the only girl in Bareilly who does break dance. The film has got U.P flavour to it. I am working with amazing actors like Rajkumar and Aayushman. I had work on my dialect. It was so much fun. I still remember when I came to Mumbai after shooting, my sister was taken aback because of  my U.P accent. (Laughs)

Is your sister inclined towards acting?

She is still figuring out as to what she wants to do in life. She is exploring the craft of acting too. She is a trained singer and singing has always been her passion but at the end she has to decide what field she ultimately has to go in. I think she is taking her time like everyone does.



Wriiten By: Nandini Roy

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