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Interview: Vicky Kaushal: I’d prefer to dive into the feeling of love and enjoy that sweet emotion without framing and raising any question as it fades the enigma of love!!!

Anurag Kashyap’s first ever light-hearted comedy drama is about to hit the cinemas. The film with a phenomenal actors like Taapse Pannu, Vicky Kaushal and Abhishek Bachchan on board will be clashing with Mitro and Love Sonia. The film has created a good amount of buzz.
Meanwhile we spotted Vicky Kaushal and had an interaction with him.
In an interactive session with Cinespeaks, Vicky says….

We asked him his feeling as all his movies did well at box-office. Answering to which he said, “Indeed it’s a great feeling. I don’t know how to express it, I don’t know how to swallow it and gulp it. It’s like tickling in my stomach, but its a good space to be in.
When asked about the best compliment he has received till date, he giggled and said, “I received a call from my father, he was in London at that time, and he said that he met some person who introduced him to the third person saying that he is the father of Vicky Kaushal. That was the most over whelming compliment I’ve received.’
When asked about his views over love and commitments, Vicky openly says, “I don’t feel that the emotion has changed, it is as same as it was hundreds of years ago. But as we are evolving, our approach is eventually changing. We frame several questions in mind before getting into a relationship. We over think our feelings, which gradually fades the attraction. Just don’t think, just dive into it and then that feeling or emotion will stay fresh and commitments will get fulfilled.
When we asked him about how much he relates to his character in the film, Vicky says, “Well Vicky in the film is the inner Vicky in actual life. The madness and craziness I’ve shown on-screen is the one which I’ve preserved deep within. If someday I get a chance to ignore the world and do things independently, I’ll actually get my hairs colored and will dance.on roads. So that character is inner me, and I went out of my way, out of my comfort zone to bring that character out.

When asked him about the bond between his co-actors, he expressed, “It was a blast. Me and Abhishek are fire in ice, whereas Taapsee is a live radioactive material. We just had fun throughout the shoot. And there is a mutual bond between me and Taapsee as we both believe in spontaneously. We don’t tend to rehearse a scene as we feel that over rehearsing a scene fade away its essence. Talking about Abhishek, I still remember, during our first interaction, he came to me and said that if we’re standing here, acting for so many films then it’s our parents hard work which proved beneficial for us. So lets not ruin that and we’ve got a golden opportunity to lets rock it. So he’s a very calm and composed person, he brings up a different level of energy on the table. Having him as a co-actor is no.less than a blessing.”
When asked him about his upcoming projects, he reveals, “So within four days my first action film, Uri will wrap up its shoot. It is the most physically grilled experience I’ve ever had. Working as an army person, two months of shooting in Serbia, adds up to a huge experience for me. So the film is on floor for last 9 months and is about to wrap up. The another most anticipated film is Takht. It is like a dream come true. It’s sort of my dream role, I always wanted to do a period film, wanted to be a part of world which does not exist anymore.”

Written by: Aakash Gala

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