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Jawed Habib: A Man of Positivity

JAWED HABIB : I Like focusing on business and not Bollywood
Jawed Habib is one of the leading hair & beauty salon chains in India. The company currently operates a total of 484 outlets across 24 states and 92 cities in the country.The company is handled by renowned hair stylist Jawed Habib himself and has established himself as a leading hairdresser.
In a fun-filled and candid chat interview with Cinespeaks he shares his views and opinions on his journey.On request,he shares some of his tips for our readers in maintaining a healthy skin and hair.

Q : You are known to be a renowned hair stylist all across the nation,so tell us something about your journey?
Jawed : My journey is simple and hardworking.I always keep myself focused with a dedicated mind.I started as a simple hair dresser to teaching to conducting workshops and seminars to finally a businessman.This has been my journey so far over the years.

Q : What made you choose this profession?
Jawed : It’s my family business and profession.We have a legacy and a strong influence from our forefathers who have been part of this entire profession.I although was not interested, but when I entered into the profession I got more interested in this field.My brothers are also a part of the same.

Q : So,how did you actually start your career?What was your first step?
Jawed : I initially did my training in London in 1987 and worked for a span of 3 years and came to India.My father had a school where I began teaching.Then I travelled extensively from smaller to bigger cities.I went step by step in learning all the aspects.

Q : Have you styled any celebrities in movies?
Jawed : I have not styled for any movies.When I was doing for Miss India in 2003 I realized not to be a part of the glamour and fashion industry.I felt that I was not meant for this industry.There you are treated differently and scenario is different.Post 2003,I kept myself away from movies and decided to focus on my business.

Q : Have you been approached to be a judge for any reality show since we have many people getting into this?
Jawed : I have been approached for some reality shows but I keep myself away from all this.I myself don’t know why I am avoiding this.I like to concentrate more on my business.I feel that doing such shows is not a PR.For me,PR is talking to the crowd and talking to the students.

Q : Any celebrity on your wishlist you would like styling for ?
Jawed : I really don’t have anybody on my wish list.My only wish is to make Jawed Habib equivalent to as large as Mc Donald’s.It should become more and more advanced and flourish all over as an expert hair stylist.Our brand is an education based since all of our employees are trained from our school.

Q : You also have your school called as Jawed Habib Academy.So tell us something about this and the career prospects of the same?
Jawed : Yes ! We have our academy also which is running successfully.I think we are the biggest brand even in terms of education.Each of our hairdresser’s are trained from our school.We also have students who attended our school and are working in other salons.If you look at it closely,then there is a wide range of career prospects like to become a hairdresser,a consultant,a part of media , TV , Bollywood.The scope in this field is very wide.

Q : Since it’s monsoon time, so the majority of the people have hair-related problems.So, can you suggest a few tips for our readers to overcome this problem.
Jawed : People sweat a lot in monsoons since there is a secretion of oils from our body also which ultimately results in dandruff and some other hair-related problems.So,people should shampoo the hair regularly and avoid using conditioners.People should apply oil and have a step-cut since it makes your hair bouncy.

Q : Tell us something about hair yoga?
Jawed : Hair yoga is a lifestyle.Yoga is simply relaxing.You should get up early morning and have lot’s of water.Eat well on time.Basically,you should follow nature and enjoy all the nature’s gifts like early morning sun-rays since it gives you a lot of powerful energy.

Q : Have you ever received any negative comments and how do you take criticism?
Jawed : No ! I never received any negative comments.I take everything as a compliment and positively.I feel that there is nothing wrong in this world and everything is beautiful.It depends on your perspective on how you look towards various things around you.

Q : People often have a misconception about using excessive shampoo results in a damaged hair.So can you elaborate on this?
Jawed : Hair and skin are God gifted so people should look after it properly and take good care since it is going to remain with you throughout your life.Shampoo your hair everyday.People often apply oil since using soap roughens your hair.Oil is just a moisturizer and nothing at all.

Q : What diet should one follow in order to maintain a healthy hair?
Jawed : Water is the most important factor.Drink lot’s of water along with milk.Who legrains and rice are also important.Follow a simple lifestyle and diet.Our body should have 80% water but we people eat 80 % which results in an imbalance.So drink lot’s of water and maintain the equilibrium of your body by following a healthy diet and lifestyle.

Written By : Naveen Umakant Kandlapalli.

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