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Kanan Gill’s Hips don’t Lie – Sonakshi Sinha

Kanan Gill and Sonakshi Sinha who are going to play BFFs in a movie look like best friends in real life too. In a recent chat with TV actor / host Karan Singh Chhabra they seemed to be having a lot of fun.

While on the set of The Asian Variety Show (also aired on Sony TV globally) when Karan asked Sonakshi to share 2 things about Kanan she quickly replied “He has got big hips” and made up for the statement by saying “well secondly, he is also a good actor”. Hearing this the stand-up comedian turned actor seemed a bit embarrassed and asked the dabang girl “Didn’t you have any other good thing to share about me?”

When asked the host, Karan Chhabra confirmed “It was a very funny moment when Sonakshi revealed some fun facts about Kanan and the shooting days of Noor. To wrap it up on a light note all we could say is Hips don’t lie !”

Kanan Gill who created buzz across the cyberspace with ‘Pretentious Movie Reviews’ is apparently gearing up to make his acting debut in this forthcoming movie -‘Noor’. The film is an adaptation of Pakistani writer Saba Imtiaz’s 2014 novel, ‘Karachi, You Are Killing Me!’ and will see Sonakshi Sinha in a leading role.

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