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Kapil Sharma Speaks for Kis Kisko Pyaar Karu…


KAPIL SHARMA :- “I am too small to comment on Radhe Maa”
Comedian Kapil Sharma is all set to make his Bollywood debut in Abbas Mustan’s ‘Kis Kisko Pyaar Karu’.The film features Kapil in the lead role opposite 4 heroines alongside Arbaaz Khan , Eli Avram , Manjari Phadnis , Simran Kaur and Amrita Puri.Produced by Ganesh Jain , Ratan Jain and Abbas Mustan , the movie is ready for a worldwide release on September 25th 2015.
In an interview with Cinespeaks, the ‘Comedy Nights With Kapil’ comedian speaks in the film.

Q : Your debut film was supposed to be ‘Bank Chor’ , so how did ‘Kis Kisko Pyaar Karu’ happened?
Kapil : Certain thing isn’t in our hands and so ‘Bank Chor’ did not happen due to issues from both sides. But , this film also came to me at the same time.As a comedian , people expect me to come out with a comic film as my debut and also this film belongs to comic genre.This film is a family film like my show suitable for all age groups.

Q : How challenging is it to see yourself on the big-screen from a TV?
Kapil : Working on television requires us to shoot episodes on time.But , for a film the entire canvas changes as we have a plan and then we go ahead.It wasn’t difficult for me as I got to learn a lot of various things.

Q : You recently had a back injury , so did it affect the film in any way?
Kapil : I had the problem of back injury since February and have been extensively shooting for my show. It is sometimes painful, but due painkillers the numbness goes off.I underwent treatments in abroad too.My doctor advised me for bed rest and eventually I am fine now.

Q : You are known to give social messages through your show , so is there any social message through this film?
Kapil : In this film I play the character of Shivram Kishan who respects his mother fully and obeys her completely.But , here there isn’t any social message through this film.

Q : Director Abbas Mustan is known to be an action director , so how comfortable was him in making this film
Kapil : Abbas Mustan is perceived as a filmmaker who usually makes films based on murder mystery and action,But , for this film he was very comfortable.Being a director he knows the various technical aspects properly.His films like ‘Baazigar’ had comedy as an essential element.

Q : Who is your inspiration for your comic timing ?
Kapil : I feel you should never try to copy yourself.A successful person is one who makes his own style.When I see People like Amitabh Bachchan I like his style of romancing and action.It is a natural process and I feel very fortunate that I got to learn a lot of things through this film.

Q : The film has 4 leading ladies opposite you , so with whom you had a good tuning?
Kapil : I think you should ask them about me.I had a very good equation with all of them.Especially , Eli has done a very good job.Being a foreigner she has managed to learn and speak Hindi properly and is very fond of Bollywood.Otherwise , all my heroines have worked equally well and good.

Q : How did you start your journey?How did you decide to venture into the comedy?
Kapil : I started my journey as a serious theatre artist in 1997.I had once seen a person performing histrionics and was very amazed by the act and received a good response for the same.Then , I moved to a channel called MH1 and once again received a good response.I tried of doing by myself and it all happened accidentally

Q : Have you sung any songs in this film?
Kapil :I have sung 2 songs out of which ‘Bam Bam Bole’ is one of them and will release soon.

Q : ‘Radhe Maa’ is in the news now , so what do you have to say about this?
Kapil : In a country like India , everyone has different set of values and beliefs.I am nobody to judge ‘Radhe Maa’ since I have never met her or seen her.Everybody to follow and pursue their believes.I am too small to comment on her as her followers may be far more elder to me.

Q : Being a comedian , who are your personal favorite comic personalities?
Kapil : I really like Johny Lever and Mehmood.They are really great actors.I also like Amitabh Bachchan and Mittalji.

Q : You have made a large number of episodes in your show , so any personal favorite among your episodes?
Kapil : Shooting with Amitabh Bachchan will be really memorable.I did not sleep the whole night prior to the shoot.Even Dharmendra’s episode is among my personal favorite.

Written By : Naveen Umakant Kandlapalli.

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