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Kareena Kapoor Has A Befitting Reply To Mira Kapoor’s Remark On Working Mothers!

Shahid Kapoor’s wife Mira Rajput Kapoor has drawn a lot of flak lately for her snide remark on how working women raise their kids. In an era where talks of feminism and women empowerment are prominent and women are fighting for their equal rights, Mira’s comment sounded extremely regressive and offensive. 

At her first public appearance alone, Mira attended a Women’s day special program where she was interviewed on her views about motherhood, being a housewife, feminism and women empowerment.

Sharing her experience on motherhood as a housewife, she was quoted saying, “I wouldn’t want to spend one hour with Misha and then rush off to work. Why did I have her? Misha is not a puppy. I want to be there for her.”

As soon as her interview came out in the media, her remark was regarded as a dig at Kareena Kapoor since she had announced that pregnancy would not get in the way of her work and she would return to work after a few days of her delivery and she absolutely did! Kareena rocked her pregnancy. She was at her stylish best even in the most difficult months of her pregnancy. She made public appearances and flaunted her baby bump in style at ramp walks and product launches alike. Barely 7 days after Taimur’s delivery, she was seen on a dinner date with husband Saif Ali Khan and just 3 months after she delivered her gorgeous baby boy, she was seen performing at the Zee Cine Awards!

After having maintained a silence over all the speculations of Mira’s comment having been directed at her, Kareena decided to speak up. She was quoted saying, “Yes, I was on my feet a few days after the delivery, but it’s upsetting to have people judge you for it. No one has the right to comment on how I conduct myself or what sort of a mother I am. Everyone seems to have an opinion. Postpartum depression is not a must, right? It’s whimsical to generalise that every woman goes through that phase, almost making it sound like a norm. Every pregnancy and every mother’s journey with her child during those nine months and afterwards is different. You can’t draw parallels. No one out there really knows me or what I am feeling at a given time. How can anyone decide on my behalf whether I am supposed to feel depressed or if I can step out before 45 days? If I’m spoken about like that, what would it be like for other women?”

Kareena further added, “Just because I’m elusive and my husband and I are not on social media talking about our emotions on an hourly basis, people take the liberty to put out stories about my child and me. It was annoying to read reports about my fitness regimen and the way I’m losing weight. As a couple, we don’t share details of our lives with the world at large. So, I will not clarify what we do, how I plan to lose weight or what I do with my baby. I enjoyed my pregnancy and I will enjoy my life on my terms. What kind of a mother I am is something that will unfold with time. I will not scream from rooftops about experiencing motherhood or how much I love Taimur. There’s always the pressure of being judged, no matter what you do. It’s about how you deal with it.”

Subtle and yet, impactful! Way to go, Kareena!

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