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Karthika Nair Jumps off Cliff for a Sequence!v

“Success lies beyond the comfort zone” – one has heard this phrase a million times, but not many use this mantra in real life. However, our actors are getting out of their comfort zones more often now, and are challenging themselves in different ways to make interesting, engaging content for their audiences.


The actors of STAR Plus’s upcoming show Aarambh too have taken it upon themselves to make sure that their show is grand and royal in all forms, and redefines Indian Television in the most fundamental form. They’ve employed some of the biggest names in the industry for the show and are leaving no stones unturned to create a massive show. The actors too are extremely cooperative and have been working really hard for the show. Recently, there was a sequence where Karthika, who plays Devsena in the show, had to jump off a small cliff, right into a river. Though the makers were apprehensive about asking Karthika to do this sequence, she insisted that she does it herself, without a body double. And she did!

The actress jumped off a 30 Ft cliff, without thinking twice, and the director was left stunned by her enthusiasm and fearlessness. With so much hard-work going into the show, it surely is going to be quite a watch!

Watch Aarambh, coming soon, only on STAR Plus!


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