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‘Koi Khata’ wins hearts of listeners and praise for singers Saurabh Gangal and Anushka Gupta.

The singer duo of Saurabh Gangal and Anushka Gupta is busy celebrating the success of their latest single ‘Koi Khata’. The song has taken the music lovers by storm and is continuing to amass views on internet. At the time of writing this news article, the song has been viewed more than 23 lakh times across the globe and people are just pouring their love for it.The praise that the duo is getting for their latest song has filled them with an unmatchable happiness, Both of them having come from a humble background, it’s their hardwork and dedication only that are making things happen for them. “It has been a long journey shaped up by our love and passion for music,” exclaims Saurabh, “and now our hard work has started to bear fruit.”‘Koi Khata’ that has been released by Zee Music this Friday, features popular hearthrob Vin Rana along with Kanchi Singh in its video version. It has music composed and produced by Abhishek Gupta, and the video of this song- and the earlier two songs also- has been produced by Kumar Bupi under his banner Bignoise. The video has been directed by Jayant H. Verma.The song is Saurabh’s and Anushka’s third duet released this year.

Incidentally, the first two have also been hits among the listeners. ‘Koi Khata’ and the earlier two namely ‘Naino Ki Shararat’ and ‘Mere Sohne Soniya’ are soft romatic songs and have helped the singer duo garner much love, especially from young music lovers.Saurabh and Anushka have recorded a couple of other duets in the past as well. So, when asked by Cinespeaks if they wish to sing as a duo only, Saurabh cleared the air saying- “Since we have recorded many duets together, the question comes very naturally to everyone’s mind. But I must tell you that we have recorded solo songs also in the past, and in future also we have solos as well as duets lined up for us. So, we will be working on both. At the same time, there are some songs that will be recorded as both male and female versions. So we will be taking projects as they come.”To this Anushka added, “No doubt we have done many duets together, but we will be doing solo songs as well. We can also think of singing duets with other artistes as per demand of the situation. The options are open for us, and to have options open is good for individual growth also. But one thing is sure that we will be there to support and guide each other.”The singers are though happy that they have been able to establish thenselves as a duo, and are getting good praise for their songs and singing. Both of them like to sing soft and sad romantic songs. While for Saurabh the artistes like Mukesh, Udit Narayan and Arijit Singh are his idols, it is Shreya Ghoshal for 22-year old Anuskha, whom she has idolized since a very young age.


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