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#Latest- Hansal Mehta bats for Shah Rukh Khan, asks people to not believe THIS ‘fake news’ about SRK. Let’s find out:

If there’s anyone out there from the hindi film industry who stands up everytime the country requires him to stand up with respect to financial help, it is Shah Rukh Khan.
The man surely knows how to contribute and donate in important and hostile situations by keeping the news under the blanket so that nobody gets to find out of his charitable act. He is that guy who believes that ‘ If you do something good with your right hand, even your left hand shouldn’t get to know about it. ‘
So what really happens when somebody of his stature and heart who is also a recipient of the ‘UNESCO’ award for charity gets questioned and ridiculed and brought amidst the middle of an allegation claiming that the actor never contributes or donates to the country’s cause when required? 
More importantly, what leads to this? What makes the situation even worse is when the actor is brought into the middle of a useless controversy which says that the actor recently donated 45 crores to Pakistan because of the oil tanker blast there. 
So when the general public reads or sees this kind of a fake news and propaganda against Shah Rukh Khan, they surly aren’t shying away from branding away as ‘Anti Nationalist. ‘
But how many actually care to verify what the see or read? That’s where you need sensible support and King Khan is lucky to be receiving the same from Hansal Mehta who stood firm in support of SRK in this regard. 
Hansal Mehta tweeted – 
 “Just saw some fake news about @iamsrk. I have yet to meet a kinder and more compassionate star – someone who helps people in need without making a noise or using his good deeds for image building. I’m not permitted to say anything but I had to say this – #StopFakeNewsAgainstSRK “

Hopefully just like Hansal, more celebrities from the film industry will stand up for SRK soon to pull him out of this meaningless controversy.  
On a brighter note, what is to be noted is SRK too has donated a huge sum after the recent and unfortunate Pulwama attacks along with Salman Khan, Akshay Kumar and Amitabh Bachchan. 

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