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Meet Himanee Bhatia, a young girl who took the bold step to quit corporate world for passion in acting

Himanee Bhatia , is an actress, model and host hailing from New Delhi. She is an ex corporate constant from KPMG and is now working as an actress. Read our exclusive conversation with Himanee at Cinespeaks to know more about her –

1-What made you decide to switch from corporate world to acting?
: I don’t think it was a sudden realisation, as somewhere I knew deep down that I love to act, write and the art of expression. Infact even in school I would do theatre and my favourite subject was creative writing. It all started with a short film I wrote and acted in while I was working as a risk consultant at KPMG called Act Normal, a short film on mental health, for my youtube channel. People all over the world reached out to me , sharing their struggles with mental health and my short film was highly appreciated. I then realised the power of the camera,and how we can impact lives all over the world. I decided to do some theatre professionally, and I gave my first ever audition, for a play at the Akshara Theatre group in Delhi and I got the part. I then went on to do more theatre with different theatre groups and production houses. Since then there has been no looking back.

2- How has the lockdown been for you professionally ?
Answer :
The lockdown has been tough for all of us but I have always been a firm believer of creating my own opportunities if there aren’t any available. I worked on a short film called Lockdown Biryani , which is available on Pocket films. We utilised the concept of lockdown creatively and pitched it to distributors. I also worked on a couple of other short films such as Hawa ki khidki and The date, which were both appreciated by FTC talent, an agency owned by Mr Suniel shetty, and were picked by distributors. I also utilised this opportunity to host celebrities online , and my hosting career took off immensely. I hosted celebrities for brands such as deyor camps namely Abhishek Banerjee, Yuvraj Walmiki , Kriti Vij and some other amazing people. Meanwhile I also worked on a couple of shows , such as Neighbour’s kitchen , Hindustan times’ first ever webseries, Decoupled for Netflix and Eternally confused and eager for love for netflix. I had a few more projects lined up but due to the pandemic they have been delayed. However, I am grateful for the abundance of work coming in even during these tough times and it is important to remember that we are all doing our best.

3) What is your next release?
Answer :
I recently worked on a short film titled Blink which is a thriller, for a renowned OTT platform. I am also working on 2 feature films for renowned big OTT platforms.

4). You have worked with brands such as filter copy, spotify and canon india? How did you get these jobs?
Answer :
Auditioning! I made sure to keep auditioning before and even during the pandemic and I got the right jobs. It is very important to remain consistent at this as acting requires constant effort.

5. You won Miss Veet- Be the diva , a beauty pageant conducted in your university – tell us more about that?
Answer :
Yes, I won that contest at my college, Sri Venkateswara college , Delhi University. There were many girls in my college who took part but I was lucky enough to win the contest. I remember my picture came in the Hindustan Times newspaper and I was so excited. I got some modelling gigs after that and did a few digital advertisements, However I did not pursue acting even then. But I guess acting was my destiny and I’m doing exactly that today.

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