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MOVIE REVIEW: Jhootha Kahin Ka: The story that weaves through the web of lies and confusion!

Director: Smeep Kang

Cast: Rishi Kapoor, Jimmy Sheirgill, Sunny Singh, Omkar Kapoor, Lillete Dubey


As the name suggests, this movie’s storyline is built up on lies and confusion. It reflects comedy based on lack of clarity. It is about two friends, Varun (Omkar Kapoor) and Karan (Sunny Singh) and how they create a chaos of lies that leads to confusion between their families (Rishi Kapoor and Jimmy Shergill). Varun heads back to Mauritius to hunt for a job with his college buddy, Karan. But to everyone’s surprise, he finds love before he finds a job. Before you know it, he agrees to marry Riya (Nimisha Mehta) and moves into her house. This marriage is built up on lies which create an interesting story. The lie he tells his girlfriend before marrying her is that he has no family of his own. Meanwhile Karan’s long-time girlfriend Sonam (Rucha Vaidya) is dying to tie the knot, except that he is waiting for his older brother Tommy (Jimmy Sheirgill) to give them the green signal. The twist here is that Tommy is in jail. Varun and Karan’s web of lies get deeper when Yograj Singh (Rishi Kapoor) decides to move to Mauritius to be close to his son and ends up renting the bungalow next door. 

The plot of the story revolves around lies which are built on top of each other. It is this web of lies which creates a chaos in the movie. But this chaos has an added element of comedy to it which makes the movie light and entertaining.

We have missed Rishi Kapoor on screen and his screen presence in this movie is a relief to our eyes. Jimmy Sheirgill gives justice to his part but more screen space should have been given to him as the audience always enjoys his performance. Sunny Singh and Omkar Kapoor both play their part well and add the comic touch to the characters. Lillete Dubey played her role in a very simple yet precise manner. Manoj Joshi is shown as loud person. The two leading ladies Rucha Vaidya and Nimisha Mehta add an element of beauty on the screen.

Cinespeaks Verdict: This movie is a one-time watch which will entertain you in your free time. However, the story feels dragged after the interval and few scenes could be wrapped up in a brief way.

Cinespeaks gives 3.5 stars.


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