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INTERVIEW: “Mrunal is an unbelievable actress. ” – John Abraham on his co-star in Batla House Mrunal Thakur

John Abraham is known for his enviable physique. Last year was a wonderful year for the hulk like Abraham as with ‘Satyamev Jayate’ and ‘Parmanu: The Story of Pokhran’, he developed a niche of his own.. And now this Independence day, he is coming with 200% commitment with ‘Batla House’ which is based on a real story once again. In a candid conversation with CineSpeaks, John talks about his movie, ‘Mission Mangal’ , the real story, his co-star and much more…

Q) John, this is probably the most exciting Independence Day for the audience in a big way with respect to two heavy-weight films in terms of patriotism. How are you ensuring from your end that both the films get their dues in the true sense of the term?

John – I think that there’s enough business and scope for both the films to do well. Having said that, I would definitely want people to also see ‘Mission Mangal’ just like Akshay has said from his end that the audience should see ‘Batla House’. The love and respect is mutual whenever we work.

Q) John, is it more difficult in essaying a real life character on screen compared to a fictional one?

John – I think the pressure is a little more when you are essaying a real life character. For example, when I had played Manya Surve, it was different because he is a character who has passed away. But here the character is still working in the Delhi Police force. It’s more challenging hence. So I am hopeful that he sees the film and he tells me that ‘Listen, you have played me correctly.’

Q) Tell us a bit about your discussion with Sanjeev Kumar Yadav?

John – Well, I asked many things. I asked him if he could tell me how he felt after the encounter. I was shocked to know he had PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) and he wanted to commit suicide. It’s there in the trailer as well that the day he went for the Batla House encounter, his wife was supposed to leave him. So in your personal life, when you are going through so much stress and then later after the encounter, if he feels like committing suicide, the sketch of the character becomes so exciting. I was moved by this factor and was looking forward to playing this with all my heart.

Q) What about Mrunal Thakur and your experience on working with her?

John – Mrunal is an unbelievable actress. The way she has essayed the character of Nandita is amazing. Way to go.

Q) Lastly, What’s your take on social media trolls and how do you handle it?

John – Social media is the most toxic place one can ever find. There’s so much of negativity that goes on without even any verification.I dislike being there and hence I don’t keep myself there. But yeah, it has it’s good sides too.. One must introspect well before judging anything.

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