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One year of lockdown: Celebrities share changes implemented in their lives

The government on March 24 announced nationwide lockdown to curb the spread of the novel coronavirus pandemic, which claimed many lives.
The lockdown period gave many of us the time and opportunities to do things which we always wanted to do but couldn’t either due to paucity of time or circumstances.

Taking a trip down memory lane, celebrities share some major changes they have implemented in their life due to lockdown from regularly spending quality time with their loved ones to inculcating the importance of staying fit and healthy.

Jay Prakash Sharma (Director)
Importance of necessities, money and family

Lockdown has made many of us realize about the necessities of life and the importance of money. And most importantly lockdown has made us realise the worth of family time. If you spend time with your family you’ll be happy.

Nitin Kumar Gupta (director)
Changed fitness routine

The first thing I changed was my fitness routine from gym to outdoor workouts. Working outdoors is far more invigorating and opens up the mind and strengthens the body in a way that gyms can never do. Secondly, I understood the value of keeping in touch with my relatives. Family will always be there for you no matter what!

Nivedita Basu
Started running

I wanted to spend quality time at home, so the only change I had was I could watch a lot of content. I got to spend a lot of time with my family and Oyshee especially because it’s her growing year. I’m thankful to God when we hear people say all bad things happened in lockdown.
I started running and that was something I always wanted. And that is something which I have added in my life and I’m very grateful about it.

Chandni Soni
Spending time with family, having meals together

Before the lockdown, all of us were struggling to strike a balance. Extra hours at work, tiring commutes and additional responsibilities made us ignore the little things in life. Now that we have time, we should cherish these moments and ensure that we do not go back to the previous normal. So one thing which is constant for me now is my time for family. The habit of eating together is still being followed. Prioritise your life to do what makes you happy this is one my greatest lockdown takeaway.

Certainly, lockdown has not only made us realize the worth of staying happy under any given circumstances but also invest our time in doing productive and meaningful things.

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