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Pausitivity: A New Initiative by COLORS

The pandemic of COVID-19, has adversely affected the entire nation. However, in this time of need, various people and organizations have come together, to help the people who need it the most. With cases being reported every day and newer complications arising, COLORS TV decided to take a pause, from its usual activities on Social Media.
Pausitivity is an amalgamation of two words: Pause & Positivity, which defines our thought behind this initiative. COLORS offered our social media platforms to organizations who have been doing phenomenal work and helping the country tirelessly. On 29th & 30th of May, COLORS did not post any content to promote its shows. Instead, it helped organizations like GiveIndia, Ketto, Hemkunt Foundation & Khalsa Aid create awareness about their ongoing efforts. For a week now, COLORS will continue this effort along with posting content about shows.

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