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Prashant Bajaj is a Shiv bhakt, reveals how Mahakaal changed his life

Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah actor Prashant Bajaj is a Shiv devotee. So much so that he worships Mahakaal every Friday without fail.

“Shiva is everything to me. Being born and raised in Guwahati, I used to visit Kamakhya temple regularly. One day I met a sadhu there who asked me to also visit the Mahakaal temple nearby. I followed his advice and don’t know how to put it in words but that day my life took a turn. Something happened,” he says.

In the coming times, to the actor’s amazement, things started changing for better in his life.

“I started getting everything I wanted. It felt like all my efforts are finally bearing fruits. I got acting opportunities, met good people in my lives, made new friends who have been kind and supportive,” adds the actor last seen in the TV show Ayushmann Bhava.

Every Friday Bajaj does abhisek and shringar of the shiva lingam at the Mahakaal temple near his residence in Mumbai.

“My life and existence is incomplete without Mahakaal. I speak to my God. I believe in the supreme power that guides you throughout and makes you a better human being. I can feel the changes that happened within me after I started praying Shiva,” he says.

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