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Producer Sanjay Kohli dons the actor’s hat in Bhabiji Ghar Par Hai 

The man behind the successful show, Bhabiji Ghar Par Hai, will now be seen on camera as well. Yes, that’s right! Producer Sanjay Kohli has donned the actor’s hat in a few episodes for the show. Speaking on the cameo, he says, “We were on a cruise and I was also sailing for the shoot with the cast and crew. Then this character of Captain Kohli came up and everyone felt I should take this up. I agreed.”

It’ll be close to two decades since Sanjay faced the camera. He says, “I have acted in shows & movies in the past. It’s been close to two decades since I have faced the camera. There were days when I missed acting but I was mostly busy with my creative responsibilities.”

Ask him if he will take up acting if given a chance, and he says, “I don’t think so because after producing shows, I have hardly any time for anything else. Production has made my life stable. In an actor’s life, there are always a lot of insecurities.”

Speaking about his producer’s job, Sanjay says, “Initially I had no idea that I will be a producer. We started with the launches of big brands and events. Binaifer, my wife, was great at doing all this. In fact, we used to do International stuff mostly. Gradually I started loving it as well.”

Speaking more about the changes he has noticed over the years, Sanjay says, “Producing shows earlier was relaxing because there used to be less number of episodes. After the daily soap era actors have become busier and the whole unit works almost every day of the month. Actors used to come in autos, buses and trains but now they come in big luxury cars.”

Currently, Edit II, his production house, is producing three popular shows on television.  “I have a great team who manages everything quite nicely. I would say I am a hands-on Creative Producer and I get great support from my life partner Binaifer and my team”.  he says.

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