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Ranvir Shorey speaks for Titli..


Ranvir Shorey :- “I had an amicable sepration with Konkana”.

Actor Ranvir Shorey is all set to feature in Kanu Behl’s forthcoming directorial venture titled ‘Titli’. The film is jointly produced by Aditya Chopra of Yash Raj Films and Dibakar Banerjee and is ready to hit the theatres on the 30th of October 2015. In an interview with Cinespeaks, actor Ranvir Shorey speaks on the film.

Q : Tell us something about the title of the film ‘Titli’ .

Ranvir : Titli is a simple story of a middle class family and the youngest sibling in this house is Titli. The film tells the story of this young boy and his conflicts and issues he has with his family.

Q : So, is it any sort of an art cinema ?

Ranvir : No, it isn’t any kind of an art cinema. It is a film which comes from the heart and the writer has written it honestly. We have made the film honestly and I hope the audience comes in and watches it.

Q : How did you get this role ?

Ranvir : I feel very lucky that Kanu had offered me this role. When I read the script I was extremely happy and loved the story. I also sent one SMS to my director thanking him for offering me this role.

Q : How was the response of the people when the film was screened at Cannes international film festivals ?

Ranvir : We got a roaring response at the film festivals. The audience gave a standing ovation to us. The film was largely liked by the foreign press and met with mostly positive reviews.

Q : The film is for classes or masses ?

Ranvir : Titli is for everyone. It is for classes as well as masses.

Q : How important is promotions for a film ?

Ranvir : Promotions definitely matter a lot for a film. It is hugely important as it does half of the work. It is very important to market the films in order to make them successful.

Q : What are your forthcoming projects ?

Ranvir : Presently, I am looking forward to the release of Titli. I have theatre lined up in December this year and January next year.

Q : Are you looking for a new relationship now post your separation with Konkana Sen Sharma ?

Ranvir : I and Konkana had an amicable separation. We did not have any kind of animosities and are still good friends with each other. Presently, we both are co-parenting our son.

Written By : Naveen kandlapalli.

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