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REVIEW: Bhoot Part One: The Haunted Ship: Get ready to be scared with one the spookiest movie of Bollywood!

Director- Bhanu Pratap Singh

Cast- Vicky Kaushal, Bhumi Pednekar, Ashutosh Rana, Meher Vji


Bhoot Part one: The Haunted Ship is the first ghostly movie of the Bhoot franchise which is a new budding franchise for the horror genre in Bollywood. It stars Vicky Kaushal in its lead and the actor does not disappoint the audience. This marks his first horror movie but it definitely send chills down your spine.

The storyline revolves around an abandoned ship which is haunted. It mysteriously lands up at Juhu beach in Mumbai and Vicky’s character, Prithvi is given the task of investigating about the ship. While on this task, they come across many paranormal activities leading them to believe that the ship is definitely haunted.

The ship’s name is Seabird and it has a history which unfolds in the duration of the movie along with Sumit’s own personal tragic incidents related to his family’s death. They witness a ghost of a kid, Meera who haunts them down but they decide to go after it and dig out the history of the girl and the ship. The history is the ship and the ghost keeps you engaged and also, alarmed.

Vicky Kaushal has portrayed her character very tastefully. His emotions are depicted with strong essence; he transfers the feelings of the character to the audience. His wife, Esha was played by Bhumi Padnekar. It was a small cameo as a ghost with few flashbacks but had a great weightage in the storyline. Ashutosh Rana plays Kaashinath Mukherjee. His performance is commendable. Another person than Vicky who stole the show was Meher Vji, she played the role of the mother of the girl who was possessed on the ship. Her performance was noticeably shinning in the film.

Bhanu Pratap Singh has done a brilliant job by bringing an edge to the genre of horror in Bollywood. He has used the power of visuals and sound to the right amount which gives goosebumps to the watchers. He incorporates various aspects to increase the haunting vibe of the film, from cracking mirrors to scary women walking upside down to screams to creepy visuals.  

CinseSpeaks Verdict: The movie has scary visuals and fearsome sounds which work very well for the spooky factor. A fan of horror genre should not miss this movie. It definitely sets a mark on the new opened genre of horror in Bollywood.

CineSpeaks gives 3.5 stars.


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