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Review – Blank – A treat to watch debutant Karan Kapadia with Sunny Deol in action thriller.

Cast: Karan Kapadia, Sunny Deol, Karanvir Sharma, Ishita Dutta

Director: Behzad


Behzad has launched Simple Kapadia’s son Karan Kapadia with Sunny Deol, Behzad is also himself debuting as a director. The concept of the film Blank is quite different and interesting that you will enjoy watching. The film is about a suicide bomber who loses his memory after an accident and has a live bomb in his chest. He wants to take revenge for his father’s death.

The beginning of Film Blank’s first half is slow and the story is kept in front of you slowly to understand. But as soon as the second half comes, one layer of the film opens and many shocking disclosures begin. Karan Kapadia has presented himself as a Suicide Bomber. What he has done as a debut actor is amazing. Karan’s dialogue delivery was less as he had more action scenes and he has killed his role.

In Blank, you will get to see the look of Sunny Deol, which you used to watch earlier, watching Sunny Deol’s dialogues and acting, you will be forced to clap. This movie is no less than a gift for the fans of Sunny Deol. It was great to have Sunny Deol back in the industry, with Blank we felt that he was never out of his action character.

Jameel Khan is in the role of the gangster, his work is also good. Apart from this, you will see Karanvir Sharma and Ishita Dutta also in the film, Karanvir was very pleased to see that action was done, as well as Ishita’s work was also commendable.

The film’s dialogues are good and even good works on background music have been done. The end of the film is quite beautiful, and the suspense will keep you tied until the end. There is no screen space for songs thus we have background songs and one promotional song by Akshay Kumar in the credits.

Cinespeaks verdict: There is no chance to check on your phone during the film. It was a shock to see a debut actor in such a serious role. The story is very different in this era of love and romance concept. A must watch film at this time and is recommended to everyone.

Review by Rupal Purohit

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