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Review: CODE M: The conspiracies shown in the show along with Jennifer Winget’s performance makes you want to binge watch the show.

Cast: Jennifer Winget, Tanuj Virwani, Rajat Kapoor

Director: Akshay Choubey


Zee5 and ALT Balaji released a new web series on 15th January called Code M, which stars Jennifer Winget in its lead. The show has a great premise and enfolds a mystery related to an Army encounter.

Code M opens up with 3 Army officers attacking a remote house at the Rajasthan border between India and Pakistan. During this firing, two militants are killed off, along with an army officer who gets hit with a bullet in his neck. The case starts to draw the attention of the public, when the mother of the alleged militant burns herself claiming her kids were innocent.

The show takes off from there. We see a powerful entry of Jennifer as Major Monica Mehra when we are shown a contrast in her life from partying at her own bachelorette party to threatening a man who was misbehaving by pointing gun at him and dominatingly establishing the fact that she is a part of Indian Army.

Although the show graduates in a slow pace, we see keep watching it as various sides of the same case come together. But in the very first episode, the makers of the series find out a way to pull in Indian audiences by including an unnecessary intimate scenes between Monica and her fiancée, Dashrath Arora (Kashyap Shangari) and also by including a small segment showing the ‘bride-to-be’ enjoying a dance performance at a club. The show establishes a lot of scenes through jump cuts and we soon see Monica at Jodhpur for solving the case.

The show includes head Colonel Suryaveer Chauhan (Rajat Kapoor), who is shown as a strict and disciplined Army Officer. He has given 100% to his character and we can see him contributing a lot to this story.

Talking about Jennifer’s performance, she catches everyone’s attention by portraying a very powerful character. We see her standing up against all odds while she tries to balance her work and personal life. She fearlessly takes steps to lead up her story into something meaningful. She is accompanied by defence lawyer, Angad Sandhu (Tanuj Virwani). Both of them go years back as they had a relationship which ended because both of them had different paths to follow. Serena (Meghna Kaushik), aka fiancée of the dead terrorist, plays an important role in the story going forward. Performances by Aalekh Kapoor as Major Shakti and Keshav Sadhna as Major Gaurav are quite complimenting too although a little more efforts from them would have helped the show outstand more.

The conspiracies shown in the show gets you hooked up to it and makes you want to binge watch the show. Directed by Akshay Choubey, the show graduates in a slow pace but it keeps you curious for what will happen forward. The show gives out a very important message to the audience which will only come out as the show progresses. Edits in the middle which showed various glimpses combined with a glitch effects gets repetitive and unnecessary after a while.

Cinespeaks Verdict: This web series show varied perspectives of a person and also of an unsolved case. It inspires the audience about female empowerment by showing Major Mehra which was supported by  Jennifer’s superb performance in her debut web series. It also enlightens people about such cases and news.

Cinespeaks gives 4 stars.


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