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Review – No Fathers In Kashmir – A dark tale of unnamed relations

Cast: Zara Webb, Shivan Raina, Soni Razdan, Kulbhushan Kharbanda, Ashin Kumar, Anshuman Jha

Director: Ashvin Kumar


No Fathers In Kashmir is the hidden story of the latent war, much obvious it was between India and Pakistan where the winning trophy was Kashmir. The plot of the movie is about those men who were disappearing and never returned back to their home. This sounds weird and spooky, but this was the reality of many parents, many half widows – half wives and many half orphans.

The movie portrays the story through the life of a 16year old girl – Noor(Zara Webb). She is a British Kashmiri, she has a hobby to click pictures for social media, later her phone camera plays an important role. She returns to Kashmir with her mom and to be stepfather. On her visit to hometown, she gets to know the truth of her father that he was picked up where she was under the wrong impression that he left when she was young. This is a period of Kashmir when all the men who were militants or independent revolutionaries were picked up, further consequences were faced by their parents who are in hope that their child will return one day, their wives are clueless whether they are a widow or their husbands will return or should they move on, the kids are left orphan. Major issues were faced by the wives. Noor is one of those half orphan children, but only one who is keen to find her father and to know the truth whether he is alive or dead. She was accompanied by her friend Majid (Shivam Raina) who is also half orphan. On one dark night, both are out in search of their fathers but happens to be caught by the Army on the Indo-Pak border.

The kids have left no room for mistakes, they are awful as they cover the screen with their acting skills. In the supporting role, we have Soni Razdan and Kulbhushan Kharbanda, who are the grandparents of Noor. Soni Razdan was given less screen time. We also have Ashvin Kumar in the screen as Arshid who was a best friend of Noor’s father. He essayed the role of a local leader who plays dirty politics.

The camera captures the rawness of the Kashmir and engages the audience with the film. Cinematography could have been better. The most liked direction would be when the 2 kids are in the middle of a dense forest and there is no way out to the rescue. Music holds you with the theme as we hear the Kashmiri songs.

Cinespeaks verdict: The title itself defines the meaning – No Fathers In Kashmir. Watch the film to answer your curiosity whether the disappeared men will return back to their family or will the militants let the kids go back to their family or even they will have no presence in the village like other disappeared men.

Cinespeaks gives 3 star

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