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Review – Noblemen – Cautionary tale yet moderately engaging

Cast- Kunal Kapoor, Ali Haji, Mohommad Ali Mir, Shaan Grover, Muskaan Jaferi

Director- Vandana Kataria


 Noblemen discuss the evils of bullying, homophobia and toxic masculinity against the backdrop of a posh all-boys boarding school. The film is themed on William Shakespeare’s tragic play The Merchant of Venice which is basically a tale of revenge. 

A shy sensitive boy Shay played by Ali Haji gets selected for the role of Bassanio from Shakspeare drama for the Founders. Further, he is terrorized by a gang of bullies headed by Arjun (Mohommad Ali Mir) who is also sports captain of the boarding school – Mount Noble High. Baaadal (Shaan Grover) aka Baddy called by his best friend Arjun wants to be a part of the drama and play Bassanio also eventually wants to get close Pia (Muskaan Jaferi) as she is one among few girls at all-boys school and daughter to a teacher of the same school. Arjun terrifies Shy to step back from the drama and let Baaadal play his role, but Shay never gives up because his alleged mother Shruti Sharma works hard to recover and plans to visit Shay’s school for the Founders. The kind tenth-grade boy who is picked by the seniors to bully always has back of his drama teacher Mr. Murali played by Kunal Kapoor. He always supports Shay and encourages him to fight back against bullies. 

Debut director Vandana Kataria gives a reality check of boys boarding school. It is very much impressive how comfortably she portrayed the hard-hitting harsh truth and tries to keep everything straight. Kunal Kapoor and Ali Haji fits perfectly in Vandana’s screenplay. Mohommad Ali Mir as Arjun gives confidence of his capability of playing every negative role. The background score connects you with the mood of the film.

Cinespeaks verdict: Noblemen is a lesson to bullies and alerts people with harsh of boarding school which is hidden from everyone. It takes a lot of daring and courage to work on such a topic brilliantly, with this we Vandana as an upcoming great director to serve Indian Cinema. The film Noblemen is a must watch especially for those parents who forcefully sends their child to boarding. Also, every student must watch and should learn that no monster can defeat you unless you let him to, so stay bold and fight back to bullies. #BOOTHEBULLY

Review by Rupal Purohit

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