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Movie: Phantom

Starcast: Saif Ali Khan, Katrina Kaif

Director : Kabir Khan






After Bajrangi Bhaijaan with Salman Khan, a lot was expected from filmmaker Kabir Khan with his recent release, Phantom. Starring Saif Ali Khan and Katrina Kaif, this venture sheds light on the 26/11 attacks that took place in Mumbai in the year 2008 and speaks of a story, ‘you wish were true.’ It presents a take on how justice could have been brought to Indians post these horrific attacks.

The film starts with a narration and presentation of footage, pictures and other clippings from the 26/11 attacks in 2008. The very crux of the film is made clear with this crisp, to-the-point beginning. Soon we are taken into 2015, where certain authorities decide to seek justice for the 2008 disaster, and hire a ‘paagal aadmi’ for their mission. Enter, Saif Ali Khan. Meet Daniyal Khan, a former Army officer who was kicked out from the force due to a tragic incident. Why is up for you to find out! Daniyal has been hired by RAW for a mission to kill the Pakistani terrorists who were involved in the horrific 26/11 attacks on Mumbai. He is made to meet Katrina Kaif aka Nawaz Mistry, a former RAW agent who now works as a security counsellor and supplies arms to refugee camps. She helps Saif on his mission. Daniyal wishes to meet the LET leader and its members by hook or by crook. He travels first to Syria and then later makes his way to Pakistan, in order to get closer to his goal. There follows a shocking turn of events, gripping action scenes and more.
Saif Ali Khan is convincing in his role as a vengeful ex army officer. The actor plays the role perfectly with the appropriate amount of zeal, wrath and passion. He elevates the story with his approach and earnestness. Katrina is adequate. She isn’t fascinating but Kabir extracts from her a performance worth mentioning. While other actors are great in their parts, the overenthusiastic Md. Zeeshan could have done better with a little less energy.
I would like to give a shout out to Kabir Khan for coming up with a brilliant concept as such. We all have discussed about what happened and the way it did. People have craved for justice and carried out marches, asking for the same. But a visionary like Kabir has managed to truly paint an ideal picture and captured the feelings of most Indians in relation to the 26/11 incident. The storyline is unique and its pace is fast, which is a strong point about the film. Not once did I witness a dull moment and was on the edge of my seat throughout.
Cinespeaks Verdict-
A brilliant plot, teamed with thrilling action, Phantom is a must watch. Kabir has simply highlighted what most of us feel and would want in reality. Cinespeaks gives 3.5 stars to Phantom.

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