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Review of Welcome Back


 Movie: Welcome Back
Stars: Anil Kapoor, John Abraham, Shruti Hassan, Paresh Rawal, Nana Patekar, Shiney Ahuja, Ankita Srivastava and Sara Loren.
Director: Anees Bazmee


Story: ‘Welcome Back’ brings back a laughter riot with a run!
Anees Bazmee’s ‘Welcome Back’ is a sequel of 2007 hit ‘Welcome’ as we all know. The story starts off from where it ended in part one. Majnu (Anil Kapoor)and Uday Shetty (Nana Patekar) ‘Bhais’ of the underworld leave their bad deeds and move to Dubai. Just to become a respectable businessman and lead good lives. Chandni ( Ankita Shrivastava) and Maharani ( Dimple Kapadia), enter Majnu and Uday’s life. Chandni is the new love in their life and both dream of tying the knot with her. They decide to use the foolish millionaire gangster bros as their personal ATM.
Reluctantly, Shetty’s father played by Nana Patekar announces that he has a daughter in third marriage. He gives the responsibility to Uday Shetty, being elder brother the duty of settling her. So, once again, both set out to find a ‘decent’ boy for their sister Ranjana played by Shruti Hassan. They approach Dr Ghunghroo played by Paresh Rawal but again a twist turns out that his wife has a son by a previous marriage. Now the tables turn coz her step son Ajju played by John Abraham is actually a goon. Confusion crackles everyone in the head when they come to know Ajju and Ranjana are already in love. Will they try to stop Ranjana from getting married to Ajju? Riotous events begin when Wanted Bhai (Nasiruddin Shah)- the Don of Dubai who is 10x more dangerous than RDX played by Feroz Khan in prequel wants Ranjana to marry his son played by Shiney Ahuja. As he is obsessed with her while Ajju and Ghungroo try to get Ranjana and Ajju married happily.
Puzzled? Find out who will be the “Groom” of Ranjana…Ajju or Wanted’s druggy son…in climax. Definitely, don’t use your brains to understand the end – Just go and have a few laughs this weekend!

Performances: Anil Kapoor aka Majnu steals the show with his comic timing.

Acting done by Anil Kapoor will give you chills – well actually stomach ache as he is brilliant when it comes to comic timing. Best dialogue of Majnu is ‘Aapki sharafat ke chakkar mein main kayde mein hoon…varna ab tak mere khud ke do char Al-Qaiday hote’. Nana Patekar is none-the-less when it comes to filmy performance giving back to back punhces in every scene.Both Anil and Nana are superb in slapstick comedy. that the director demanded from them. Then comes Paresh Rawal who is well denoted for his comic skills leaves us falling off our seats. He truly proves that he is one the most versatile actors of Bollywrood. These trio of men are stars of ‘Wecome Back’.The entry of John Abraham is like ‘King in the Jungle’ and Shruti Hassan replaces charms portrayed by Katrina Kaif. However Dimple Kapadia is a total waste being such a great actress. Shiney Ahuja makes a come back with the film but fails to please with his druggy character. The new-bee Ankita Shrivastava only adds the glamour quotient to the film. Overall one can enjoy the performances by high-calibre actors Anil and Nana as they keep you glued to your seats for two hours.

Direction: Anees Bazmee pulls the strings of hilarity in right way.
Anees Bazmee pulls the strings of hilarity in the right way.
Best known for directing the hugely successful comedy films No Entry, Welcome and Singh Is Kinng amongst many others. The director had taken repeated shots just to make the scene perfect. Such is the dedication of Mr. Bazmee and even the location of shooting was changed. Just to ensure that the movie will be shot without any errors. The prime location is Dubai and all the royalties can be clearly seen in the movie.
Music: The title track in the voice of Mika Paaji is an addictive one with remixed beats
The title track with the voice of Mika Paaji is an addictive one with remixed beats.
As the trend occurs multiple lyricists and composer are hired to do the music job. Milind Gaba…Music ‘MG’ makes an impact with the title track while he’s joined by ultimate ‘Mika Singh’. The song is rightly called as ‘Remix version’ with a husky voice of Geeta Jhala. Another track ‘Meet Me Daily Baby’ that stars Anil Kapoor and Nana Patekar wooing Ankita Srivastava, a new entrant in the industry. Last but not the least, one Meet Bros Anjjan’s ‘Tutti Bole Wedding Di’ with Kumaar written celebration number is super-wedding song of the season. This time yet again all stars come together to shake a leg or two keeping the fun element of the film intact. All these tracks are foot-tapping one’s and contribute to a big party album.
Cinespeaks Verdict: Forget your brains at home when you go for the flick!
As one expects a fun score from ‘Welcome Back’ as it’s a sequel of much appreciated 2007 Welcome. It comes especially by the producer of the film Firoz Nadiadwala, who is known for a lavish outing. Although this movie doesn’t exactly meet with the chartbuster scores made by prequel ‘Welcome’. But it’s an entertainer overall and can be watched with family as a stress- buster if not a chartbuster at the silver screen. The highlights of the film include Anil Kapoor and Nana Patekar comic skills. Don’t miss out on cinematographer Kabir Lal’s excellent capture of Dubai locales.

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