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#REVIEW – One Day: Justice Delivered – ‘Justice’ seems to be delivered only for the heck of it!

Cast : Anupam Kher, Esha Gupta, Kumud Mishra.

Directed by : Ashok Nanda. 

Ratings : 2.5 stars. 

When you hear the title of the film, there are primarily two things related to justice that come into the mind. One thought that can be that ‘justice will be served one day’ and another is ‘justice was failed to be served earlier one day when it was needed to and hence to avenge that, it has been served late’. 

Eitherways, the film doesn’t endorse any of that in reality. The story is primarily about a man (Justice Tyagi – Anupam Kher) who is a retired judge and who hasn’t done the best job while serving as a functional judge at the court. In the film, Anupam Kher has failed to deliver justice to many of his cases while serving in his tenure. So when does he actually work forward to deliver justice to them? The obvious? After retirement because that’s how apparently it should be. Anupam Kher does something post retirement that he should have done while working.

Hence, post retirement, he digs up all those cases again and investigates them in his way and in order to deliver justice, does something which a retired judge should ‘apparently’ do, which is to kidnap those people. Like seriously? 

Esha Gupta ( Laxmi Rathi) has been given a very unnecessary haryanvi accent which wasn’t really needed for the story and hence adds up to the list of troubles for the film.

To talk about the music, the film is such that it could have well done its work without having any songs but the hey? This is India! You need to forcibly implant few item songs to make a film work. Anupam Kher and Esha Gupta have given their best shot but nothing can help a poor script. Kumud Mishra who looked so good in ‘Article 15’ looked totally out of place here and we don’t blame him as its the narrative that is the problem. 

CineSpeaks Verdict : The film and the story had all the makings of being a good thriller ONLY IF the implementation stage was given equal importance. There are various loopholes in the story and the biggest being, why will a retired judge get into kidnapping? Everyone fails to understand that. Although the acting and the cinematography has been decent, it is the writing and the direction that has let the film down. Last but not the least, what makes it even more confusing is the outcome of the victims who are kidnapped isn’t really shown. Overall to sum it up, it had the makings of a good thriller and one can watch it once to appreciate the effort to put up a ‘brave’ story and to watch veteran Anupam Kher act. But these things don’t take away the fact that the movie fails miserably due to failure in the implementation of the narrative. CineSpeaks gives 2.5 stars to the movie. 


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