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REVIEW: PANGA: The movie and Kangana’s spectacular performance inspires everyone that personal life need not stop you from achieving professional goals

Cast: Kangana Ranaut, Jassie Gill, Richa Chadha, Neena Gupta

Director: Ashwiny Iyer Tiwari


Panga is a story of Jaya Nigam played by Kangana Ranaut who is a middle-class woman working in Northern Railways. But that’s not it; she is a former kabaddi champion and captain of India’s women kabaddi team. While she continued playing the sport after her marriage to Prashant (Jassie Gill), unfortunately, she has to leave her dream midway after becoming a mother. Seven years later when she turns 32, her son Adi (Yagya Bhasin) pushes her to make a comeback and live her dream.

The audiences, especially the female audiences, would be able to relate to the film on a whole another level. It portrays how they put their family at the priority by keeping their dreams and aspirations aside. Jaya’s life changed after having her child. But it is said that passion never dies, with this in heart, she decides to go ahead and take a taste of her dreams again.

Her husband played by Jassie Gill plays a very huge role in this journey of achieving her dreams. He has been very supportive to her since day one and decides to take a step forward in running the house and taking care of their son, all by himself in her absence. Gill gives 100 percent into his character and gives justice to his role. His presence acts as a cherry on the top of a cake, where cake is Kangana’s outstanding performance in the film. Jaya’s mom played by Neena Gupta is a typical representation of Indian mothers who cares too much for their daughters and their families. Her performance in the film gives a touch of purity and mother-love. Their child played by Yagya Bhasin also adds up an adorable factor in the film. He is the one who initiates to push his mother to chase her dream.

Another actor who has given a marvelous performance in this film is Richa Chadha as Meenu. She played a role of Jaya’s former teammate/coach and her best friend. After initial friendly skepticism, she stands up besides Jaya to help her relive her passion. This undoubtedly can be categorized as one of the best performances of Richa in her Bollywood career.

Kangana has given out a very strong and powerful message through her character. Like always, she has stayed true to her character and has given brilliant performance. She has sent out a wave of motivation to all those women whose dreams are suppressed after their marriage or after having a child. She sends out a message that no bar should keep you away from your passion.

The director, Ashwiny Tiwari, crafts a story which highlights the authenticity of life in a female sports player after her marriage. She has portrayed the game of kabaddi in a very raw form.  The plot is also very relatable to not only every middle class family but also to all those sports players who have big dreams of flying high.

CineSpeaks Verdict: Panga is sports-drama which one cannot miss out on. The movie will you goosebumps, make you emotional, give a sense of pride and at the end, leave you motivated and inspired. Kangana’s impressive performance has touched everyone’s hearts and generated a lot of respect for her as well as for the character.

CineSpeaks gives 4 stars.


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