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Review – RAW: The story of an Unsung Hero

Cast: John Abraham, Sikander Kher, Jackie Shroff, Mouni Roy

Director: Robie Greywal


John Abraham who has been doing patriotic films like Parmanu and Satyameva Jayate brings in RAW – Romeo Akbar Walter with Robie Greywal. RAW is the story of the war which takes place in 1971 when tensions were high between India and Pakistan with the matter of Bangladesh’s Independence. This was the time when India supported Bangladesh to be a separate country.

Romeo Ali (John Abraham) works in a bank where Mouni Roy is one of his colleagues. Srikant Rai (Jackie Shroff) observes Romeo and one fine day offers him to be a spy for RAW – Research and Analysis Wing. Srikanth tells him that his father was an army major and martyred for the nation so even he should work for the country. He accepts the offer, under his training he is sent to Pakistan as Akbar, where he works as an undercover agent and provide valuable information to India. Everything is working in Romeo’s favor until suspicion arises and trouble brews in the name of ISI officer Khudabaksh Khan (Sikander Kher). What happens next? Whether the ISI torchers him or he managed to run from there are few questions which enhance your curiosity.

Coming over to the performances then John Abraham is brilliant in his role as an undercover Agent who keeps on changing his identity. What do we have to say for the Veteran actor Jakie Shroff, he was a legend as always in his acting. Sikander Kher gave a beat to John being an ISI officer. His acting was great as a villain. Mouni Roy was at an average level also she shared less screen time.

Robie Greywal who is writer and director covers the era of the ’70s properly. Direction and screenplay were good. Music was an add on to the film and gives the feel of patriotism.

Cinespeaks verdict: 1st half of the film is slow but it was made slow purposely so that they can explain the audience the story and the characters. 2nd half is interesting no doubt, the story takes a turn and comes to the climax. One can watch the film to educate themselves about the undercover agents who work for the nation on the sake of their life.

Cinespeaks gives 3.5 stars

By Rupal Purohit

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