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REVIEW: SHIKARA: The movie will leave you weeping; with happy and sad tears.

Cast: Aadil Khan, Sadia

Director: Vidhu Vinod Chopra


Shikara is the story of Kashmiri Pandits living in Kashmir. It shows the mass evacuation of these Pandits in the year 1990. We follow the history through a love story of two main characters who are a newly married couple and are a synonym of optimism. But eventually they have to leave their homeland and take a refuge at a camp in Jammu.  

This movie has a heart touching story. It takes you through the rough stages of the lives of these Pandits who ended up becoming refugees in their own country. The story focuses on a love story of Shiv Kumar Dhar played by Aadil Khan and Shanti Dhar played by Sadia. Although, moments of both of them together are adorable. They really portrayed their characters and their relationship well on the screen. Here Shiv is a college professor and Sadia is a supportive homemaker.

The newlywed couple starts their life in Shikara and they are very optimistic that the conditions won’t worsen but to their disappointment, the bad turn of events knocks at their doors as their worst nightmares. The communal tension in Kashmir keeps on rising with Kashmiri Muslim youths taking up guns to fight for their freedom. Killings and blasts are received as warnings and the Kashmiri Pandits are being asked to leave the Valley. But the violence does not come down and they have to evacuate the place. We are shown the hardships they go through, not only, emotionally and physically; but also individually and together.

However, we don’t see them complaining. Losing his brother, Naveen to gun firing, Shiv writes letters to the President of America about the chaos that they are in and how they are in a desperate need to help and justice.

The director and writer, Vidhu Vinod Chopra has put some personal thoughts into the movie as his mother was also one of them who could never return to their homeland, Kashmir. He offers the audience with a beautiful scenic view of snow-capped mountains and tall pine trees of Kashmir. The screenplay has a contribution of Rahul Pandita and Abhijat Josh, along with Chopra’s. They have tried to very exquisitely mix the dreading real life incidents of the Pandits, now refugees along with a fictional love story.

The movie is also backed with amazing music by A.R Rahman and Sandesh Shandilya and it brings in more affect because of the lyrics given by Irshad Kamil.

Shikara however tries to bring in the context of the love story in its second half as it deviates to other topics too. The couple is grows older on screen but it is not bought by the audience, however, the effort is appreciated.

CineSpeaks Verdict: Shikara is a movie which will make you question humanity. It has an underlying context of love versus hate. It touches the topic of compassion and belongingness.

CineSpeaks give 3 stars.


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