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Review: Student of the Year 2 – SOTY2 actors are like garnishing to a plain salad

Cast: Tiger Shroff, Ananya Pandey, Tara Sutaria, Aditya Seal

Director: Punit Malhotra


Karan Johar is least interested in maintaining his name in the industry, we can see this from Kalank and now Student Of The Year 2 as he is giving the only name of dharma production to the films. The film fails to follow its elder film SOTY1. The film is high school drama, it does not portray Ishq Wala love But School Wala Love and introduces 2 new faces to the Bollywood.

Tiger Shroff (Rohan Sachdev) –  A small town guy takes admission in the prestigious college in Dehradun to pursue his love interest Tara sutaria (Mrudula aka Mia) but he bumps into the Badass girl Ananya Pandey (Shreya) and her sports competitive brother Aditya seal (Maanav) in the same college. All four of them get into friendship, love and hate with no much ado’s. One day Rohan is kicked off back to Pishorilal Chamandas School and then the competition of Student of the Year takes place between schools of the town and not just limited to students of Saint Teresa. At the same time, the triangle of love grows between Tiger, Tara, and Ananya. The storyline is not so great and doesn’t match up the expectation level.

SOTY 2 is totally different than its prequel only thing similar is the school name – Saint Teresa, and the trophy – Student Of The Year. The competition seemed like a force because it was there in the first film, so the makers had to continue the league. Director Punit Malhotra has kept the look and costume of college and characters very special like Part One, but they have not been able to execute the emotions properly. The film does not have a distinct effect between rich and poor students. The film’s strong side is its dance and action. Also film has focused on hidden sport of India i.e. Kabadi. Editing would have been slightly tangled if it was good. The film is very slow if you are in the theater you will need more intervals instead of 1 or you would eagerly wait for the film to end.

Tiger Shroff has done a great job in acting. According to his role, he has done action, emotions and dance well but he was not suitable for the role of a 16-year boy, he looked way mature than the character. Tara Sutariya’s character has not been crafted properly, and she lacked in acting. Ananya Pandey has managed to record her presence by her cute and charming look along with badass chic nature. Harsh Beniwal entertained the audience with his on time comedy and some humor with perfect punchlines. Aditya Seal had the antagonist grey character. The chemistry of Alia, Varun and Siddharth was effective in ‘Student of the Year’, but the aspect of romance here seems to be cold.

Songs are already popular among the people, and they are quite many which couldn’t fit into 2hrs 26mins movie, so the maker had to keep 2 songs as promotional. Mumbai Dilli Di Kudiya is a needless song as it does not even match the storyline of the film, feels like it was shot just because SOTY 1 had Radha.

Cinespeaks Verdict: All done! The film is a small synonym of disaster for the time invested. It is recommended for you not to take admission in this batch of Karan Johar even though it was the most awaited film of 2019. Watch the film for stunning dance, high action sequence from Tiger Shroff.

Review by Rupal Purohit

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