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Review – Us – Jordan Peele comes up with terrific horror tale.

Cast: Lupita Nyong’o, Winston Duke, Shahadi Wright Joseph, Evan Alex

Director: Jordon Peele


There are people who are like us, think like us and act like us. They know where we are and what we are upto. They are more powerful than us. Us is a suspense thriller movie. Director Jordan Peele manages to keep it funny, freaky and thrilling all at once. One would get engrossed in watching the film and would want to know what’s next as one cannot predict.

Adelaide(Lupita Nyong’o) when young wandered around the Santa Cruz Beach and walks down to the stairs to a mysterious room which is hall of mirror. She is scared and tries to get out of the room when she sees herself – not a reflection, but another little girl who looked just like her. Years later, Adelaide goes on a family vacation near to Santa Cruz beach. She didn’t forget the night she faced as a child and now she is haunted with bad memories. Her sense of foreboding and terror, grows deeper. Same night when they are back from Santa Cruz beach, Adelaide tells the story of the little girl to her husband Gade. Within no time in their driveway, they see a family. A man, a woman, a girl and a boy. They are shocked to see that they looked like Gabe(Winston Duke) and Adelaide (Lupita Nyong’o) and their children, Zora(Shahadi Wright Joseph) and Jason(Evan Alex). Adelaide from invaders sends her family to attack real Adelaide family respectively. Her husband attacks Gabe, her daughter runs behind Zora, his son goes out with Jason and she pulls out the scissors.

Lupita Nyong’o’s performance as Adelaide and as her double, named Red is just remarkable. It is the characters who will continue haunting you and giving you nightmares as you go on destroying every mirror in your house. Winston Duke (Gade) is very chilled out husband, he is unaware of the things and doesn’t want to take major risks. Shahadi Wright Joseph played the role of Zora and evil zora (red). She managed both her roles so well that you will feel like it’s not the same person. Evan Alex had great command on the character of Jason and his double in red who is seen hoping as he cannot walk.

Jordan Peele succeeds in establishing’ Us’ as a shocking home invasion classic. Director managed the doubles of every character pretty well. The direction evokes a certain atmosphere and describes the character’s emotions. He has delivered a perfectly captured suspense horror thriller.

Cinespeaks verdict: “Us” will pin you to your seat and leave you petrified. The film has made it’s mark. People might just be scared to see themselves in the  mirror or to see their shadow in the  dark. Peele is a thoughtful and imaginative director with an undeniable talent for leveraging strong visuals and symbolism, and for creating stories that keep us involved in unpacking all of their mysteries.

Cinespeaks gives 4 stars

By Rupal Purohit

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