Cast: Shah Rukh Khan, Anushka Sharma, Katrina Kaif
Director: Aanand L Rai

Everyone had great expectations from this movie but one could confidently say that the movie has disappointed the masses and turned out to be just like its name, zero. Zero had a concept of three unusual people with their own drawbacks; vertically challenged, cerebral palsy and emotionally hurt. This movie written by Himanshu Sharma could have become a game changer in the history of Bollywood if it would have skipped the eccentric and bizarre plots in the storyline.

Shah Rukh Khan (Bauua Singh) plays a role of a vertically challenged Meerut boy who has big dreams and tongue which speaks words on light speed. Bauua is a thirty plus year old good-for-nothing son of a well-off man. Blowing up his father’s money, leaving someone hanging on their wedding day fantasizing about a Bollywood actress Babita Kumari are his past-times. Although its hard not to find his character cute at times, we surely expected a little more from him. His punch lines would definitely makes anyone crack a rib! Katrina Kaif portrays a heartbroken famous actress who brings the fire in the film, in terms of some beauty for eyes. One could say her role of Babita Kumari might be one of the best role she has ever performed. Anushka Sharma (Aafia) tries to play a character similar to Stephen Hawkings. The trembling movements of her arms and her speech defect are uncomfortable to watch and are not admirable. Aafia has braininess to offer. She is a genius and an acclaimed scientist who is steering a mission to send humans to Mars.

This movie could simply be tagged as Aanand L Rai’s weakest movie till date. The direction and script by Himanshu was spreading everywhere but nothing was making sense. The plot was out of the world, and literally too. Its hard to connect the dots and sitting for 164 minutes is a difficult task! However, watching a short clip of Sridevi works is a soothing moment for our eyes. The movie has cameos by many actors including Salman Khan for a song. The music is not up to the mark. You can listen to the songs of this movie on radio but wouldn’t play willingly in your car.

Cinespeaks Verdict:
Don’t worry if you couldn’t watch the film, there’s nothing special that you will be missing on.

Cinespeaks gives 2 stars.


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