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REVIEW: GULLY BOY: From motivation to emotions, this killer film of an underground rapper has it all!

Cast: Ranveer Singh, Alia Bhatt, Siddhant Chaturvedi

Director: Zoya Akhtar


Gully Boy, a story of an underdog Mumbai boy who builds his own path to achieve his dream of becoming a rapper. The movie stars Ranveer Singh and Alia Bhatt, two of the most successful artist of current time and what makes this movie even more special is that, this was their first ever collaboration together! The chemistry shared by two of them is spectacular.

The movie introduces us to the world of hip hop culture in Mumbai. The ambitions and dreams of these rappers can be felt through their raps. Zoya Akhtar deserves a great applause for putting light upon this section of our country which does not receives the credit it deserves in the mainstream industry. This is an astonishing topic which needs to come out more in the limelight. Zoya has always been a magnificent director, her work has always touched our hearts and Gully Boy does just that! The production of the movie was top notch.

The most eye-catchy thing of the whole movie is Ranveer Singh (Murad). This rambunctious actor has never let anyone down by his performances. From an evil king to a handsome police officer and now a gully ka chokra with enormous talent; he has done it all! Ranveer has given his best shot and he proved that this role was only meant for him. His performance is so divine that it hooks us to his life story. We feel the emotions he goes through and that is a sign of a great actor. Ranveer has not only excelled in acting but also in rapping. His rapping skills are marvellous. His love interest is Alia Bhatt (Safeena), an adorable girl from the outside and a feisty person from inside. Her quality trait in the film can be seen as being a possessive girlfriend. However, it is a delight to watch Alia perform such a variant character from her own self. Her blunt punchlines are a take-away. The efforts put in by her for that character are all worth it. The outcome is absolutely smashing!

This film has contributions of many brilliant artists and two of them are Vijay Raaz (Murad’s father), an abusive father and Sheeba Chaddha (Safeena’s mother). What really shines in this Dharavi slum other than Murad is Shrikant/Sher, who is portrayed by Siddhant Chaturvedi. He is a local hip-hop star who introduces Murad to this world of rap. This is his debut film and he has fully slayed his performance. This new discovered talented gem really stands out in the crowd. Coming to the next brilliant artist, Kalki Kanmani (Sky) who is one of the most versatile actors. Here we see her as a wealthy and alluring woman with great links in the music industry. She helps Murad drop his first single which makes him go viral, overnight! But what’s a rapper’s life without few conflicts in it? In no time, they become Murad’s backbone and support him to fulfill his dream. Soon, Murad was reborn as “Gully Boy”. This diffident and hard-working boy from slums finally achieves what he desires.

Gully Boy offers you 18 great soundtracks and the best thing is that it includes real rappers in the movie as well as in the songs, besides Ranveer Singh. Divine and Naezy are two gems who have contributed a lot and this movie which is inspired by rappers like them.

The catchy dialogues by Vijay Maurya add depth to the story. The whole storyline scores up and has emotional peaks. The cinematography is phenomenal.

Cinespeaks Verdict: The movie is bit long but without a doubt, this is a film that doesn’t let you sink into your seat even for a moment. The movie and the music are killer! Its a raw film which takes you on a ride of emotional peaks and the repressing lows.

Cinespeaks gives 5 stars.

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