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Rishi Kapoor opens about battling Cancer, says ‘Had no appetite for few months, lost 26 kgs’

Rishi Kapoor has been recovering from cancer and since then, he is away from home. He plans to come back to India from New York in few months.

 Last year, the actor announced his brief break from work to pay full attention on his health. However, the actor and his family never really spoke about it in the public until recently. He talked about how he dealt with it and when he will be back to the bay. After starting the treatment he lost 26 kilos as he ‘had no appetite for the first four months.’ However, he confirmed that he is still under treatment and he has regained seven-eight kilos. 

He was quoted saying, “The problem was detected when I was shooting in Delhi and was required to dye my hair white. I was told to immediately rush to the Sloan Kettering Hospital. Thankfully, my health started improving week after week, month after month… I had lost 26 kg as I had no appetite for the first four months. Now, I’ve gained seven-eight kg. I don’t want to look too lean, but I haven’t gone back to my original self either. Thank God for that.”

He further continued, “I am perfect now. The cancer is in remission, but I am still under treatment. The problem is not the treatment but the reaction time. There is a six-week gap between one treatment and the next when all you can do is eat, shop, watch movies, live a normal life which I would rather do at home that here in New York.”

Rishi Kapoor will be next seen in Jhoota Kahin Ka, which he filmed before leaving for the US. He will resume his work after returning to India.

By Rujuta Thete

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