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Salman Khan mentors Rimi Sen!


Salman Khan mentors Rimi Sen!

Known to be an underdog as compared to other contestants, Rimi’s desire to leave the Bigg Boss house has been quite evident. Time and again the contestants and Salman Khan have advised Rimi to stick around in the game and to not give up. But everything in vein as Rimi still continued to act disinterested.

After several futile efforts, Salman decided to take up the responsibility to convince Rimi to keep going in the game. To explain it in the simplest manner, Salman played a prank by giving Rimi ‘Ticket to Finale’ implying that the contestant gets a chance to directly reach the finale. While this announcement came as a surprise to most of the contestants, Rimi was left shell shocked. Unaware of this being a joke, Rimi broke down and begged Salman Khan to give the ticket to finale to a ‘deserving candidate’ instead of her. While crying profusely, she revealed her inner thoughts and told that she just wants to be out of this house and will not be able to survive anymore.

Salman Khan provided her the much needed guidance and motivation to help her become mentally strong. Highlighting that if Rimi is indeed ambitious to be a director, she will have to be strong and get her act right. How else will she deal with locations getting cancelled, rude crew, starry tantrums and the gamut of functions expected out of a director? He also told Rimi that in life she will come across many such difficult situations or bigger and giving up will not the best solution. She will need to learn to become strong because the show must go on. Salman never gave up RImi until she had a smile on her face and felt confident about herself. When he finally revealed that this was just a prank, Rimi heaved a sigh of relief – along with the rest of the contestants.

After all this, it will be interesting to see if Rimi takes Salman’s advice in her stride or will continue with her dispassionate behaviour.

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