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Shah Rukh Khan wins La Trobe doctorate for humanitarian work

Megastar Shah Rukh Khan received an honorary doctorate degree from Melbourne-based La Trobe University for his contributions and efforts towards underprivileged children and women’s empowerment. It also included his firm devotion through MEER Foundation and his inspiring achievements in the Indian entertainment industry. He was awarded the La Trobe University’s highest accolade during his visit to Australia for the Indian Film Festival of Melbourne.

This super star is not only a global icon and an excellent actor-producer but also a women’s equality advocate.

The University’s official Twitter account shared a thread of Shah Rukh and excerpts from his speech.

“I experienced firsthand the superficiality of social values that place a woman’s appearance before her inner worth. I wanted to subvert that idea – to create a space where a woman can be freed of these archaic notions, and the true source of her beauty could be celebrated,” said Shah Rukh. Later the star also added, “I’m proud to be conferred with a great University like La Trobe which has a long-standing relationship with Indian culture and impressive track record in advocating for women’s equality. I feel truly privileged to receive this Honorary Doctorate and I would like to sincerely thank La Trobe for choosing to recognise my achievements in such a humbling way.”


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